Steve back to work...

With the go ahead to let her sleep at night with no wake up calls - we did our last feeding at 10 ish and she woke us promptly at 2am to chow- then slept slept slept until about 6:45 when Steve was also getting up to go to work. Sadly this meant that she was eating when he was leaving the house, so his goodbye had to be pretty brief.

I am hoping to hop into the shower for a quick rinse shortly. She'll likely accompany me with either a seat in her Papasan or her Moses basket for comfy viewing.

We miss the Daddy!!!! The house just somehow feels a bit less cozy without Steve here.

I am hoping that I will be able to eat an early lunch, feed her, and get up to Steve's office for a very brief coming out to his coworkers before her NEXT feeding. (NO TOUCHING!) =) I am trying to find reasons and ways to get out of the house each day, to get some fresh air and to ward off any post partum kinds of things from happening. If anything I am deliriously happy and the tears well up when I am thinking about happy things or hearing sweet songs. This is just such a happy happy time and I think it is ok for me to feel a bit overwhelmed at times by this little miracle in our lives.

We are starting to learn more about her likes and dislikes..


Being swaddled
Hands/sleeves/blankets/collars of clothing to suck on
The changing table, but only AFTER the change
The Moses Basket
Her Swing
Papasan Seat


Being naked
Having diaper changed
Not being fed as soon as she decides it is dinner time
The changing table, but only before and during a change

This post took me about an hour to type... we had a change, a burp, medicine for thrush, and a break to reswaddle in the span of that hour... more reason to miss Daddy


  1. Hey ya'll's,

    Caroline is GORGEOUS!!! No surprise there though :) Hope you're enjoying getting to know each other, by the looks of it I think your well on your way!
    Hope the snowstorm isn't too bad down your way!

    Later, Don T

  2. Anonymous3:33 PM

    AAAAAHHHHhhhhhh, This is my favorite of the daddy pics so far. Clear to see that she's already got her daddy wrapped around her tiny finger. Make sure to hide this pic in 16 years when she's begging daddy for a car!