Another one handed entry -

Steve (and myself to some extent) have taken to calling Caroline Babushka (pronounced babooshka). I think we both thought it was a way to say baby in another language? Who knows. Since its inception the nickname has spawned two variations - "Little Babushka" and my personal fav "The Babushk."

Imagine our shock and embarrasment when we looked it up and discovered courtesy of Wikipedia that this Russian word means grandmother, mother-in-law, or old lady. In English it can mean head scarf, elderly Russian woman, the Russian nesting doll, and that it is also a British song about feminist rage.

Knowing that our little nickname might be inappropriate for a baby has not slowed our everyday usage though, oh no, in fact we may use it even more now. One of the nurses declared just after birth that Caroline is an old soul and she really seems to be. Maybe the nickname is not so far off then? Maybe she really is at soul an elderly Russian woman??

Catch ups

We DID successfully make it to dinner on Friday night and even thought two cantankerous crones moved their seats out of fear that she would be a terror, she was perfect from hot wings to main course. I wanted to sneer at the women as we left, but figured they had gotten what was coming to them after a table full of children sat right down next to them and proceeded to race around screaming. The image still makes me smile.

The family got to make a quick visit to our new house for a paint estimate on Saturday. It was strange to walk through knowing we are moving in in just under 2 months. Notice the new ticker - crazy huh??? It was Caroline's first visit and we spared her the walk through of her new room which currently is painted Yankee Blue with all Yankee accesories. Yes, we are considering an exorcism of sorts to rid the home of its evil empire spirits.

Sunday we attempted a family stroll in downtown Westport, but Caroline had other plans in mind, namely being at home sleeping.

Yesterday despite my best intentions to take full advantage of the weather Caroline slept and slept and slept until almost 3 pm. We did go for a short walk downtown and I did make myself busy while she snoozed packing away any and all clothing she won't fit into until post move.

Today we are making a trip - hopefully - to my old office in Norwalk for her to meet my old coworkers. She has been up since 7:30, refuses to nap, and I have not yet showered. We are supposed to leave here at around 11:45. Forecast is stormy here and I am once again contemplating a shower with her, though in the span of this paragraph she has quieted down and is swinging happily. In the span of this entire post she has been on my knees, on my lap, on my shoulder, in the swing, in the papasan, and in all of these places on more than one occasion...

Steve leaves for his sales conference on Thursday and the forecast thankfully is for rain and not snow at present. THANK GOD!!!

The cries have resumed and motherhood calls... new pics posted suggest we have a perfect child, don't be fooled =)


  1. baboo.

    i shall call her baboo.

  2. I wish I had heard you two calling her Babushka at the coming out party - I could have told you that it means "grandmother" in Russian!

    When I hear "babushka" I envision hunched-over old ladies selling stuff out of baskets on the streets of Moscow. Poor Caroline!!!