Name the bigger buzzkill...

The one month montage
Not that we are techno wizards or anything, but we can't get it to work the way we want after spending hours on it this weekend and even when we sent it on CD to our parents via MAIL they STILL cannot view it. I will post two versions below - one that is clear but lacks the audio and one that is blurry but has the music. In the future I guess we just won't be able to include the music because that makes the file not work for you tube or for CD. WHO KNOWS WHY??? It is infuriating!!!


The Vomitorium with not a quarter in sight for the washing machine
I had a perfect little baby falling asleep on me after her morning feeding - she slept through the night AGAIN!!! - when she suddenly booted big time on me, the sheets, and my pillow, not to mention herself. I calmly changed her, burped her, rubbed her little back and put her in her swing, attended to the bedroom stripping the bed and making plans to bring it to the laundry when it opens at 8am only to discover that we used all our quarters the other day on a load of Caroline's laundry. The bank opens at 9am and I now have a sleeping baby that I will need to relocate to her carseat in order to faciliate the trip... lovely...

Here's the video anyway...

Caroline with audio - but blurry

Caroline without audio,with camera operator narration - but clear


  1. bigger buzzkill = vomitatious baby ... we will fix the video!

  2. Biggest buzzkill = BPS blocks YouTube so I can't watch the video. BOO!

    Soon you will be in your new house and you will never need quarters to do laundry ever again. YAY!