Press Pause Please

Caroline slept through the night again last night! She is not yet sleeping through consistently, but it is only a matter of time before that midnight meal is phased out completely. I am of course PUMPED that she is getting closer and closer to that and my body will certainly be quite thankful for a period of uninterrupted sleep, but once that nighttime snack is gone will I miss it? Would you think I am crazy if I said maybe just a little? I think I might be, but her sleeping through the night is yet another little milestone almost within our grasp and just further proof that she is growing up and not such a newborn anymore - wah!

There are many items that we utilize on a day to day basis that I say I wish I had invented; the diaper genie (pure genius I tell you, a diaper pail that uses household garbage bags), the Swaddle Me blanket (like a little papoose as my mother would say), her baby bath tub (folds up for easy storage and yet has a comfy foamy layer to keep her cozy)... I could go on and on here. The item I am most in need of though, the one that I wish someone would just invent already please is a pause button. I would even take a slo-mo button at this point. The days are just passing so quickly and she has her SIX WEEK check up tomorrow!?!?!? Where is the time going???? I find myself struggling to even remember those first few days and even to remember how her little just born body felt in my arms...

Caroline is definitely awakening to the world around her and looking around all the time now. She still cannot see all that far, but she is very interested in her activity mat and her black and white book. Smiling is getting better and better each day. How exactly do you get a baby to sleep that keeps smiling at you and almost LAUGHING?!? It is hard to get down to the business of shhhing and rocking when this perfect little face keeps beaming up at you. Caroline smiled at Steve last night when he tried to coax her back to sleep around 11 and again this morning while he was changing her diaper before her breakfast. She is a tricky one! A master manipulator already!!! She knows the awesome power of her perfect little grin. I think my favorite this week though is the way she kicks her feet while she coos and smiles and interacts with us. It is sooo adorable...

In the midst of all this fun and excitement we are sad and worried about our feline familymember Reese. With all the crazy wind yesterday the front door blew open and in the span of what I gather must have been about an hour at most she decided to step out into the world and do some exploring. Caroline and I walked around the whole complex here looking for her. Steve and I drove around the complex and also to some neighboring areas calling her name out the window like morons. =) He was utterly convinced that she was gone. Just before bed he decided to make a last ditch effort to canvas the surrounds of our condo one last time because it was so cold and we feared she would freeze to death. With flashlight in hand he found her, sitting at our downstairs neighbor's back door and then she took off in a flash and was gone. So she was on her own last night and there is no sign of her yet this morning. Poor little kitty... come home soon ok?

AND some fantastic news that I hope they won't mind us sharing. Dan and Mary welcomed their son Daniel into the world on March 18th. He looks ADORABLE!!!! Congratulations to their family, what wonderful spectacular news. I just wish they weren't on the other side of the world - but maybe our kids will be friends despite the distance?

Caroline is waking up now - I walked by just a moment ago and her eyes are wide open staring up, at what I have no idea. It won't be long until she is looking for a mid morning snack and I need to properly pack her up for our Moms group at noon. We of course need oodles of time to decide on her outfit =)


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