Fine then, make a liar out of me...

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!!!

No sooner than I share Caroline's fussiness and voracious appetite with the world does she do a (semi) 180 on us.

She is still a little fussy, but much improved and her eating is back on target... just in time for the weekend...we are hoping to venture to dinner tonight WITH a content and/or sleeping baby.

This week has certainly been a challenge, but we got through it. Even when she screams I can't help but look at her and think to myself how beautiful she is and how fortunate we are to have this little person in our life... even at four am, even during dinner, even when it seems she will never stop crying... Steve always looks at her and says "you're beautiful or "hello beautiful girl." If we can keep telling her that do you think she might someday believe us??

Notes on a bellybutton

Prior to my pregnancy I would say that I sported an outie belly button, that was somewhat an inny. It had definite outie qualities as it was not just a mystery indent, but instead a perfectly rounded button. Yet this belly button was somewhat withdrawn into my stomach. During my pregancy this button was pushed outward by Miss Caroline until it resembled a turkey timer that had popped. When I laughed it made its presence even more known to the world. After she was born, it retreated back into my stomach. We won't even discuss the landscape of my once flat tummy, though that itself would be an interesting post, especially given that I have before and after photos... that I might MIGHT be brave enough to share. In October when my bellybutton really started to pop I noticed that the skin was ultra soft, probably because it had always been somewhat protected by being "semi-inny." Ask Kerry she touched it. Now after, my bellybutton is a much darker color and is not so soft - pretty dry in fact. I don't understand how that which was once so soft is now so dry. Perhaps it is a metaphor for the journey? or a reminder of what we have just experienced? or maybe just maybe I need to moisturize more.

Typing with one hand is getting tough. Enjoy the weekend!!!


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