First Knot/Nest Entry

A blog by nature seems self-indulgent and even a bit showy doesn't it?
"Here, follow this link and read all about MY life, MY baby's life, and MY personal thoughts."

Steve, Caroline (then known as Cash) and I began our blog shortly after announcing our pregnancy last summer. We had just relocated to another state where we were virtually alone and found ourselves staring at the walls, each other, and often the TV (John Stossel and 20/20 was, and who are we kidding STILL is, a real highlight) on Friday nights. It was a time that we will always recall as both exciting and petrifying. I remember our first dinner after our move at what has become a favorite little spot. We drew all over the paper table cloth and I couldn't even correctly draw the shape of the state we now live in. Those first months required sacrifice on both of our parts, but made room for a reconnection we did not expect and we watched our relationship grow and change along with the little pumpkin in my belly.

And so we (read- ME) began the chronicle of our pregnancy and Cash/Caroline's journey into this world. It was as much about sharing this special time as it was about keeping the connection to the world we had left behind.

Yesterday Kiki (my mother-in-law) called and asked if I had considered how this blog helps the family and friends back at home maintain their connectedness to us and to an ever growing and changing Caroline. I had not and suddenly something that had before seemed as so self-focused began to look more like one of those tin can radios that kids make; The sender happy to send the message, the receiver equally happy to be able to collect it, the receiver becomes the sendee and the sendee the happy receiver glad to know that the message was not only sent but overjoyed at the return message. That is what this little blog has become…

At last check people from all throughout the complicated web of our life read this blog or even just come on once in awhile to look at the latest and greatest photos on display. Who are you and where do you come from?

our parents, sisters, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, high school friends, college friends, post-college friends, grad school friends, our friends' significant others, friends of friends, parents of friends, colleagues both current and past, colleagues of our parents, colleagues of our friends, colleagues of those colleagues, the beanies and so on and so on

If photos are not uploaded in a timely manner Auntie C lets us have it! My mother's friends Karen checks up on this site every so often and then updates my not so tech saavy mother (sorry Mom!) on what is new. My girlfriends send me notes about how big Caroline is getting, what incredible parents we are becoming (thanks!!!) and notes of support for those not so good times too (almost more important than the kudos). A good friend's mother sent a sweet note about her own journey into labor in light of our rapidly approaching due date. My old colleagues in Boston frequently send notes about funny entries which are usually funnier that the entries themselves. The beanies- can't leave them out – a community of women created during a time when we were all getting married and now it seems we are all having children. These women were, through the wonders of the internet, right there throughout the entire pregnancy especially two other beanies due within 2 weeks of Caroline. (we were due first and delivered last –go figure) These women utilized the blog to break the news to the rest of the beanie world that we were parents, who then overwhelmed us with replies of support and congratulations and I have only met a few of these women in real life.

What does all this mean?

A blog doesn't have to be self-indulgant nor showy. A blog be a place to maintain family and friendships in an ever speedy world, especially a crazy and busy world with a new baby. Don't know what we have been up to? Why haven't you been reading the blog? What do you mean you haven't seen photos of our little monkey? Don't you read the blog? What are we up to this weekend – ummmm the BLOG PEOPLE… Not that the blog should be stand alone for maintaining relationships, but it can certainly tide you over during the crazier times.

We don't feel forgotten down here – and I know that for me anyway – a big part of that is because we have this blog and because somehow strangely people actually read it. The notes, the comments, the counter that continually clicks away at the bottom… they are all reassurances that we are still important in the lives of the people we are now far away from and that despite the distance between us – we can still go home, even if only virtually.


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