The Good, The Great, and the Ugly

Caroline had her biggest weekend ever and very much enjoyed her big Coming Out this weekend at Kiki and Poppa's house!

The Good

We made it up to MA (with lots of her belongings in tow) with not even a peep from the backseat. We didn't even forget to pack anything that was irreplaceable which was even more impressive. You should have seen me organizing for this trip; writing lists, rewriting lists, checking things off the list... When it was all said and done she had one bag and her diaper bag, we had a suitcase, and of course our laundry because no trip home is complete without a couple loads of laundry. Not too bad considering I had been contemplating the swing =) She also made it back down to CT on Sunday with just one minor fuss while we were gassing up the car. This was all very good.

The Great

On Saturday morning after her breakfast Miss Caroline took off with Steve and her Poppa (Steve's first solo trip with her!) to go and meet her Great Grandfather. Though I wasn't there - I hear it was a very special time for the McManama men and our new favorite girl. Extra special that he had her all to himself for the visit! =)

Afterwards Caroline put her party dress on and got ready to meet friends and family for the first time! She was amazingly good all day and had no trouble at all being passed around to anyone who wanted to hold her. Who doesn't want to hold a warm squishy baby body in their arms!?!?

The party was amazing and overwhelming and wonderful. As a mother I cannot imagine there being anything you want more for your daughter than to know what it is like to be loved. This was the most overwhelming part of the day - the love that people were showing to this just born little lady. To watch people who were meeting her for the first time envelop her in their arms and shower her with affection - well it just about brought me to tears a couple times. Lisa's arms fast asleep like a little lovebug
...Marianne being so in tune to the temp that when the food arrived she knew there was a draft on our little miss
...Chloe kissing her on the forehead and calling her Baby Caroline all day
...and our peers - that we have shared so much with over the past 6 or so years - it is almost like opening a new chapter - one that I know will likely not have any new entries so to speak for some time, but that I am sure will be brimming over with babies and playdates and birthday parties over the years to come...

Kiki and Poppa and the girls made it such a special day for Caroline. Their planning and attention to every pink detail certainly showed and it is a day that I know I will never forget complete with introductions, extreme acts of kindness, and love for this little girl who turned just one-month-old yesterday.

The day was truly GREAT. Not to mention that the day ended with a slumber from 9 pm to 5am, the longest one to date!

The Ugly

I have been sharing how our poor babe has been having some GI difficulties and that we have been trying to work the kinks out. Well... I thought we had worked them out - she was eating well, the poo was no longer green, and she was a lot less gassy. It was like a miracle had occurred overnight!

When we got home on Sunday she was hungry and she proceeded to stay hungry until about 2 am, when she finally,and with quite a bit of fanfare throughout the evening, fell asleep - sleeping until about 8am... thank god...

She is growing - that's for sure - she did have quite an eventful weekend and probably needed some extra comfort - and sadly her poo returned to its watery green variety - but she was screaming bloody murder if she was not being held and moved and even then was not happy until she was eating. The swing - our standby - brutally rebuffed. The swaddle - she was having none of it. The Shooooosshing trick - HA! - child's play. I sang ABC, Mary had a little lamb, the itsy bitsy spider, and twinkle twinkle until I was horse only to have her close her eyes for a few moments before breaking into a grimace that most certainly was the prefix to the next crying jag.

It took its toll on me by 2. I had her attached to me for the greater part of the night and was quite worn out and quite sick of nursing by the end of it...

Even though it is the Ugly of the post - it isn't all that ugly afterall - a bit challenging - and certainly taxing physically and emotionally. I could do with a bit more sleep, but other than that - she's a baby - she's going to have tough nights --- these are the nights I will remember when she is 17 and doesn't need me anymore - so I better enjoy them while I have them right?

Brett is coming today to visit and I know I can count on him to give me a hand today.

Check out her coming out photos!!!

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  1. You posted about the party 3x, that's how good it was! Great to see pictures of all of you out there with the babes...she's so cute with Renee Michel, too! So sad we can't be there to share that with you guys!