Today is Steve's 29th birthday!!!!!

Caroline and I have a special little celebration planned to honor the occasion... Thinking about his birthday made me consider that I too will be 29 in just two short months. EGADS! How did that happen????

It is amazing how much life can change from year to year and how quickly they go by!

23 - Met the most perfect boy
24 - Shacked up
25 - Got engaged
26- Got hitched
27 - Graduated from grad school - finally! (thus ending Steve's sugar daddy status)
28 - Steve gets promoted, we move to CT to begin new life, learn we are expecting, buy a house, and welcome our Caroline into the world (coincidentally - Steve's sugar daddy status begins anew)
29 - our last year of 20-dom... we will move into our house later this spring and this entire year will be full of firsts and not just for Caroline... what an exciting way to say goodbye to the 20s!

So happy birthday Steve-o!

I also want to share that many of you have emailed me letting me know that for one reason or the other you are unable to post comments to this blog, therefore making it impossible to know how many readers we actually have. Until I can devise a new way to get a head count I will just share that there are many more than I had realized...

PS. Caroline is snoring a bit in her swing - HA! It's a cute snore though I swear!!!


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