Keeping up with the Joneses or in this case the Noonans

We have been taking video of our little one since her birth - literally since about 10 minutes after she was born - and we have not yet gotten it together enough to download any of it to our computer and share with all of Caroline's adoring fans.

As luck would have it the Noonans are fast at work on a blog for their son Danny and when Steve saw that they had embedded videos of their son directly into the blog, well he demanded that make video editing a priority because he enjoyed watching their videos so much.

So we are keeping up with the Noonans - or trying to -

Here is our first video upload brought to you via youtube. This is just this past week during one of many smile sessions. We must have 30 minutes of footage trying to capture this gummy grin, but we FINALLY captured it for all to see. Enjoy!!!! As time allows I am also fast at work creating a movie montage of her first month. (video editing is fun!!!)



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