Mayday Mayday - a Report from the Crying Zone

SOS... Send back up stat!!!

Caroline has had quite a stressful week thus far - today and Tuesday being the best days of the week.

On Monday when Brett visited she was tough - fussy and crying and generally pretty p.o.'d all day long. We tricked her into sleep when we took her out for lunch in the car - the most marvelous baby trick in existance, second only to the infant seat which keeps her so warm and cuddly and snuggled in that she will sleep and sleep and god bless her - SLEEP! So we went to lunch, did a little tour and she happily slept the rest of the afternoon away in her carrier. Brett had the magic touch later in the day when she was quite fussy and we threatened, I mean offered, to allow him to stay forever! =)

On Tuesday she was transformed. Just in time for our visit to the breastfeeding resources group she shaped up, morphed back into perfect angel and made it seem as though there were never any issues to begin with... as in "who is this crazy girl with a perfect baby who thinks that she has issues to figure out?"

Tuesday night - totally different story - she was ROUGH and that lasted all the way until late/early last night. All day Wednesday Caroline was a fussy fussy girl, hungry every hour at points, wanting to "eat" for at some points 45 minutes or an hour screaming in protest if I forced her to stop. Our girl who normally eats on average 7 times per day about 30 minutes per feeding ate a whopping 11 times in 24 hours and averages 45 minutes or more each time. The difference was staggering and quite difficult for her mother to cope with. I will admit that at one point I needed to sit in the bathroom with the shower running while Steve soothed her and I admit that openly because motherhood is tough sometimes and I don't want to sugarcoat it. There are points when even the calmest mother and even the most perfect baby need some time apart... just to breathe...

We even missed our Moms Group because she wanted to eat at three seperate times between 8:30 and 11:15. I contemplated showering WITH her when her crying peaked at about 10:30 because I was determined to get to group. I was standing in the bathroom opening shampoo bottle tops and thinking to myself that she needed a bath anyway... After it became clear at around 12:15 that we were not getting to Moms group - when I had just finished feeding her and found myself in my bathrobe, towel in hair, her still not dressed for the day, and not a packed diaper bag in sight - I resigned myself to plan some other outing for the day because any outing would entail the car seat and a ride which would put her in a semi comatose state for the duration of the afternoon. We went grocery shopping and she slept for 3 blissful hours.

She continued to want to eat most of the evening and even into the night, waking us 3 times to eat overnight if you include the 4:30 feeding, which I do because WHO in their right mind is up at that hour that isn't flying somewhere at 6 am???

Thankfully today has been better - she ate at 8:30 and 11:30 and appears to be getting back to the timing she had been on. My only explanation is that we fixed the "drowning" issue and my milk supply slowed down, which also means that I slowed the flow down, and this girl liked her meals on the quick side and is NOT impressed that Mommy worked hard to no longer choke her. I have a call out to the resource group to ask some questions, but once again when I extend my hand out for help she self corrects making me look like a looney toon. Perhaps all the breastfeeding info about supply etc is a bit much for the blog - but this is real life and this is what we are coping with now - so there it is...

Check out the new photos -

We hope that we won't need to call in the reinforcements anytime soon.


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