McCashew is moving - well sort of...

REESE RETURNED EARLY YESTERDAY MORNING THANKS TO OUR WONDERFUL NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR. She spent most of the day sleeping and bathing and I doubt she will be taking any more exploration adventures any time soon. =)

First the important stuff...

Caroline and I each had our 6 week check-ups this week. Caroline is now 9 lbs 6.5 oz and 22 1/4 inches long. She is about 50% in all areas for growth and the doctor was so pleased with her overall growth and development. YAY!!! She had her second Hep B vaccine and another immunization as well, which she was NOT all that pleased about. We waited for what felt like hours for the nurse to come back to adminster the vaccines, in reality it was more like 20 ish minutes, but in those 20 minutes she got hungry and the shots just added more stress on her. Poor thing. Steve hadn't been able to come when she got her first Hep B so he had not yet seen the purple face not breathing cry yet, it is soo soooo sooooooo sad! Caroline handles it ok though and only cries until we pick her up after the shots. We'll go back in about a month for her next check-up. I had my post-partum check-up this morning and my doctor cleared me for exercise and feels that I have healed well. I won't have to go back until late summer as an added bonus! =)

We had our first "Abandon Ship" day today at Trader Joe's. I was happily choosing delicious items for our cart and Caroline was awake but content, when out of nowhere she burst into song, I mean Scream or should I say SCREECH. My gut reaction was to look around as if to say to the world - who's baby is THAT? - but that clearly wasn't going to work because all eyes were on me and those eyes also had their eyebrows raised for sure. I tried to console her with her pacifier and rocking the carriage, and shhhing her, but all my attempts were met with discontent and one angry red-faced and likely hungry baby. Did I mention she is in her 6 week growth spurt? Oh it's WONDERFUL. She wants to eat allll the time and sometimes it feels like "hey didn't we just spend 30 minutes doing this 30 minutes ago?" So after trying all my tricks and realizing that those eyes were still on me and now instead of eyebrow raises I was getting a mixed bag of unsympathetic and been there faces. If there had been more been there faces and if I truly had the patience and strength to wait in line with her howling I wouldn't have had to do the unthinkable... I abandoned my carriage right in the middle of the trail mix section and didn't look back. She cried the whole way home, but we had some lunch (both of us) and she is now happily swinging. (sidebar - we use the swing so much we have to oil the swingbars which are squeaking louder than the sound effects!) So much for Trader Joe's... We might be ambitious and try to get to BJs and UHAUL in a bit. We'll see... I don't think I can abandon ship more than once a day - there must be a rule somewhere about that?!

TGIF!!! We are all excited for our trip up to the Kerrs on Sunday to spend some time with the "BC social work girls." I am really looking forward to it!

The other news is that I have been selected as a baby blogger for The Nest's new Nest Baby site! Holy Crap!!! The launch is March 31st and we will be featured over there with the other Baby Blogging Moms. The reason I say McCashew is relocating sort of is because while I don't intend to stop posting here, I will be posting the same or similar updates over there. So we are KIND of moving in that you can find entries in both locations. They will feature a few bloggers on their front page everyday. I am so excited about this opportunity!!!! I have a ton of work to do now creating a profile, photo albums, and writing the all important first entry. Wish us luck in our newest pursuit!


  1. Good luck with the Nest!

    Now ladies all over the country can be addicted to your blog like we are...

  2. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Congrats Kerri! You are going to be a great blogger. It was great to spend time with you guys today. You are doing a fantastic job as parents.
    Much love,
    Mary, Rob and Emma