a milestone reached...

What a busy fun weekend!

First, some brief updates which will explain the lack of posting since last week I hope.


Kiki and Poppa came in from MA for a business trip in Southern CT and we had another successful dinner outing to Archie Moore's without a single peep! Caroline slept from dinner straight through to 3:15 am when Steve was just waking up to make his flight to Orlando for the annual sales conference. It was so sad to watch them say goodbye...


Kiki came to spend the day with us while Poppa went to meetings. We had such a nice day and I was able to have an amazing shower and pack up for the weekend without interruption, what a GIFT!

Thursday late night

Wouldn't you know it!?! For the third year in a row we get a monster winter storm while Steve is away at the sales conference. In light of the storm I altered my plans and left late Thursday night to go spend the weekend with my parents. As I packed the car in the pouring rain and ran back and forth from a crying baby to the car with more stuff I couldn't help but think about single parents. After that experience I have the utmost respect for single moms and dads everywhere, not that I didn't before, but HOLY CRAP --- how do they do it?!?! Once we got into the car she started to calm down and the rain changed to snow. We drove through some pretty rough weather that night, but once we got to Hartford it was smooth sailing. If I had not left when I did we might not have made it up to MA at all, so it was a good decision.


I chilled at my parents house and watched the snow with Caroline and monitored our NCAA brackets. Red Rose Pizza completed the evening.


My mother's good friend Karen came over to meet Caroline. I know Karen checks up on this - so thanks for coming to meet her Karen! My father picked up both of Caroline Great Grandmothers and we enjoyed a laid back day topped off with a great corned beef and cabbage dinner. It was spectacular and so special to have four generations of both sides of our family together. Caroline was off and on fussy all day - and really did not take too many naps. She kept us up trying to get her dreamland from about 9pm to 2am when she finally FINALLY conked out.


Another relaxed day with Nana and Granda watching the Holyoke Saint Patrick's Day Parade on TV and hanging out with Caroline - who thankfully napped. We were so thankful to be able to spend some quality time with Nana and Granda. It was strange spending the night in my old bedroom with my daughter, but in a good way if that makes sense. Nana and Granda loved every second of our time with them, even when she was screaming and crying they didn't seem to mind. Granda hardly bat an eye when she sneezed all over him either, truly a remarkable thing for those that know him =) It was an uneventful ride home and she went to sleep nice and easy for her mom who was totally exhausted from the previous couple nights.

And of course - the Milestone -

Steve came home today and we did indeed have a welcome home gift all ready for him. After getting some serious smile lessons from Kiki on Thursday she practiced hard all weekend and with some coaxing gave him a few stunning gummy little smiles and even added in some adorable cooing for good measure. We don't want him to go away for a long long time... not only because we missed him, but also because I am so utterly tired out after four days without his assistance.

Want to see that smile??? we are working on getting photos - but the camera distracts her. Here is the best of the bunch so far...


  1. YAY! She looks like a very happy baby in that picture... I can't wait to see that smile in person!

  2. linda mcmanama10:17 AM

    VERY cute! Love the postings. And thanks for sending me another copy of Caroline's announcement - it's happily back on my refrigerator next to Abigail's! They are tooooo precious...