Bubbles in her belly

The saddest thing in our house this week was poor Caroline with a gassy belly. Thursday was tough tough TOUGH. We got to hear a new cry that was different in a not so good way, which seemed to be her telling us "OW!!!!! My belly hurts, please make it stop." It was so sad... I am talking sitting in fetal position rocking with tears streaming down my face if I was alone sad, thankfully I was NOT. =) Later that night when we tried to put her down she woke up as soon as her head hit the bed and this went on until about 12:30 am... Long night... I wrote several songs about gas, but Steve likes my lullaby best...

It's time to go night night
Time to go to bed
Time to close your eyes
Time to rest your head

I say he likes it because he was singing along with me by about the 50th time I sang it over and over in a feeble attempt to put her to bed. It's catchy! Maybe I will have a whole album of songs that I can shop around soon =)

We have been paying close attention and she seems to be a bit better since and I am not sure if it is the new anti gas medicine, an altered feeding style, or ? Most likely it was just a bad day, a no good very bad gassy day. (Thank you Judith Voirst)

Caroline cheered on the Sox all weekend with her Dad, adorable!!! She was mistaken for a boy a couple times as she donned her sox cap, but we are doing wonders in creating female sports fan acceptance everywhere we go. She wishes they swept, but two out of three isn't too bad. We got funny looks from all the crazy Southern CT Yankee fans. I loved the sideways glances.

We are gearing up for our move!!! Two Fridays until we close. (?!?!?!?!?) Looking at the boxes makes me happy, which is a strange thing since I loathe moving. LOATHE. Looking at the things left to pack makes me a little nervous. The entire dining room is done, most of the living room, and half the kitchen is packed, labeled, and stacked in an anal orderly obsessive fashion. I am trying to pack up Caroline, which is challenging, but we are getting there. It is so exciting!!!

Caroline will have no memories of this place at all. She won't remember the place where she first slept, where she gazed through blinds at the first sun of spring, the sink where she screamed through her first bath, or the living room where she watched her first baseball game with her father. There are photos of course, but the memories of those places will be ours alone to shepherd and keep safe for her. She wouldn't have remembered those things anyway and she won't actually form long-term memories for years. It will be much sadder when we say goodbye to this new house, which will undoubtedly someday be labeled the old house. The site of those all important first steps and countless other soon to be formed memories will be far more difficult to let go.

The anxiety of moving is for me more about letting go of the past than preparing for the move. Lord knows I could tell you exactly which box has the corn holders if you asked me as sick and twisted as that is. (It's in the box with a vase, the mortar and pestle, and some cookbooks if you must know) The excitement of a move is about all the new memories and good times that lie ahead, but there is always a twinge of sadness.

FLASHBACK to Thanksgiving 2003 when Steve and I were moving out of our first apartment in Brighton, a cozy sunny 1 bedroom with eat in kitchen and high ceilings, to a lovely larger and more grown up condo in Natick. In one of my top 5 all time most dramatic moments I tearfully demanded to be driven through the city ONE MORE TIME before our move and as I watched the familiar pass me by I sobbed... complete with sniffling I am quite certain... I was elated to be moving, but I knew that I would never live in the city that had been my home for 7 years again. The following day as we packed up the last of the boxes and put the cat into the travel crate, I had to pause to take one more dramatic look at the first home we ever shared. More of the same dramatics last May when we hopped into seperate cars and headed to our new scary life in CT. I am quite sure that I will linger for one more look as we again head off to the unknown (though much more spacious digs) in a few weeks. I am also quite certain that the room I will have the most difficulty saying goodbye to is going to be my baby doll Caroline's room. She has not walked yet, she has not talked yet, but that room was her first room, even if she had to share it with us.

Noteable events from the weekend...

...saw Kiki, Poppa, and Auntie C
... got to meet Mom's colleagues at the VNA
... met Dad's colleagues and boss
... saw Titi, Toey was with his fraternity brothers in Philly
... visited with Nana and Granda
... first trip to Super Duper Wienie

Our brilliant child can say Ah-Goo

on command that is!!! She has figured out how to watch,listen, and repeat - sounds like I am talking about our little parrot Caroline and not our daughter, but you get the gist =)

Here is a video I took on Friday of her on her changing table aka her happiest place on earth. After several minutes of taping from straight above I switched to the profile view because she has taken to staring at the camera when it comes out. She was talking up a storm one minute and poof dead silence the next. The video is a bit shaky as I was standing above her and taping from the side - picture this in your head - imagine the extended arm stretched as far as it goes attempting to balance the camera all while being kicked repeatedly by the cutest little chubby legs EVER.

The video is a bit LONG - but I couldn't clip it because she kept saying it over and over and over again -

Behold, our brilliant daughter!!!


Three vaccines are three too many...

I am not saying I don't want Miss Caroline vaccinated because of course I do, but it is getting more and more difficult to watch her get stuck in the thigh and turn purple and not breathe and then let out the most terrifying wail I have ever heard. It was hard to watch the first and second time, but somehow now that she is interacting and developing her diva-licious personality it plain out SUCKS to watch her get her shots... Steve noted that no one gets polio anymore and that she shouldn't have to get that one. While I would love to agree, we don't hear about polio because of the vaccine... I was at the office with her from 1:30 to 3 mainly because she was crying so hard after her shots that nothing including a snack was going to make her happy.

So the stats...

let's review so we all can bask in her glorious growth =)

at birth

21 inches
7 lbs even

2 weeks

21 1/4 inches
7 lbs 1.5 oz (back up from 6 11 when she left the hospital)
head circumference 14 1/4 inches

6 weeks

21 3/4 inches
9 lbs 6.5 oz
15 inch head circumference

2 and a half months (closer to three)

23 1/4 inches (55th%)
10 lbs 5 oz (25%)
15 3/4 inch head circumference (65%!!)

Overall she is doing wonderfully, interacting appropriately, and besides the constant thrush she is doing well medically speaking. The MD has some concerns about her head beginning to flatten in the back, but that is mostly because she hates tummy time about as much as anyone can hate something. (for the record I try to do it daily, but am usually lucky to get 5 mins - TODAY though 10 minutes before the frustrated unhappy crying)

We see the doctor again in June when she will be 4 months old!

Yesterday she moved herself from back to side mid slumber in the papasan seat AND the big news is that she slept well last night (despite those darn shots) from about9 to 5:15 SOLO - meaning no swaddle blanket at all. She was sleeping with her arms above her head as if telling us freeeeeeeddddddoooommmmm!!! =) very exciting... I had been preparing for a rough night given the shots and all, but not so. After she ate this morning we snuck a 2 HOUR nap all cuddled up in bed. She was on her side and though I know we need to be careful with the bed sharing since we are not planning on going the cosleeping route I hadn't expected her to go back down so easily and who can resist snuggling up to an adorable little muffin like Caroline every once in awhile.

She has been playing with objects placed in her lap and becoming more and more inquistive about the multitude of multicolored rattles and toys we place in front of her. I need to capture her new "oohhhh, what is this shiny item" face.

My angel is sitting on my lap watching me write this post and has been such a good little girl, but her patience is wearing a bit thin... it's time for some ah goos and play time, Daddy should be home soon for a nice long walk in this unbelievable weather...

Last minute on Friday afternoon we threw our family on Kiki and Poppa (THANKS!) after glancing longingly at the weekend forecast at the beach. Will you take my word for it that she looked so very cute in her floppy beach hat and sunglasses on her very first trip to the beach? You're going to have to because in our mad rush to pack and leave the house on Friday afternoon we forgot all photographic equipment and have not a single photo to share. How sad!!Caroline's mother was a bit looney and refused to not put her in a dress on Saturday for a walk and it was definitely too windy and sunny for those little legs to be so exposed. Don't worry she had a blanket. I was a bit obsessed with her wearing a dress. For the record she was tres adorable.

We got to spend some time with Kiki, Poppa, and Auntie K and took two nice long walks all together. It was a perfect weekend and it was so restful and peaceful that it felt like we had been away for a week. We missed out on seeing my parents who had driven down to CT to surprise me for my birthday, but I am sure we will find a way to get together soon.

Speaking of my birthday - after a nice shower on Sunday afternoon I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a very very long grey hair. Upon closer examination it was a WHITE hair and it had to have been present for a very long time because it is the longest one I have ever found. Nothing like being reminded of your aging body on your 29th birthday.

I have a theory...

Caroline has been sleeping in her crib since she was about 3 weeks old. We had her in the crib, sleeping in her Moses basket with the inclined to sleep (that is that little contraption next to her it keeps her head elevated and prevents her from turning over). We noticed she has been getting a bit long for her Moses basket - wah!!! - her toes were touching the edge and as she likes to scrunch down when she sleeps we keep finding her with her legs pointed towards the ceiling. Not so comfy probably. So we decided to try the crib with the inclined to sleep sans basket. Big step!

She went down like a CHAMP last night - we fed her - burped her and down she went - from 9:30 until 6!!! I heard her a couple of times during the night/early morning making some little noises, but she settled herself down and went right back to sleep. Turns out those noises should have alerted me to watch her on the monitor because she was pretty busy in her sleep.


She doesn't look too happy in the photo because she is starving - 9 hours without food will do that to a 10 week old - but look at her!!! At first I thought she must have rolled herself over the edges of the inclined to sleep, but the latest theory is that she wiggled her way down and kept wiggling down until she wiggled right out of the inclined the sleep and around the corner to be facing the opposite way. (How cute are her sheets by the way!) By the looks of it she was still wiggling down and before long would have been making the turn again to face the other direction.

The books say that babies that were active in utero stay that way and she is clearly evidence of that!!! What are we going to do with her?????

PS. Isn't it just turning out to be a spectacular day??? We cannot wait for the weekend and the parade of dresses!!! The only thing I want to do this weekend for my birthday is take a walk on the "beach" with my family!!! We might even be able to wear shorts - gasp!!!!! Don't worry - we will take lots and lots of photos!

It seems difficult to create a post here without dedicating some time to reflection on the terrible events in Virginia... I gave great consideration as to what to post here. Should I try to focus on all the little joys in our life to give people a break from all the media coverage? Are people going to be checking this site for a chance to read something and smile? I could go on and on about Battle Bottle and its new friend facial rash, about how we got 8 blessed hours of sleep last night, but this is not a time to talk about these things. If you came seeking that break, I am sorry that I will not be able to give it to you... at least not in the way you are looking for it.

As my new little family sat together on Monday night watching the neverending coverage of the sad events (can we please stop calling it a massacre - it makes my heart hurt) I was overcome by a new feeling in my gut. We had certainly watched news coverage of horrific events together in the past, but as we watched something felt different. While I am sure that I would have certainly been sympathetic and immensely sad for these parents, this new feeling of camaraderie was absolutely overwhelming.

I realized midway through the news program that this new feeling I had was intense empathy for the parents of the students lost. I realized that those parents had quiet evenings at home not much unlike ours with their children when they were babies, that they had covered their tiny bobble headed faces and perfect feet with kisses, had said "ahgoo" over and over to reveal an infectious gummy grin, had rocked them to sleep singing sweet songs feeling the weight of that little baby bod grow heavier, had spent countless hours watching their little angels sleeping, had documented their early life with photos, filled baby books with firsts, had stored boxes of report cards, drawings, and book reports in their basements, had gone to sleep each night exhausted but filled with an ever increasing love, and had dreamt of their child's life, their future, and more than anything else their child's happiness. Watching my Caroline in Steve's arms that night and realizing all that these parents had lost made my heart ache and it has not stopped aching since.

Caroline's "Uncle Hokie" and his Blake Lewis-esque friend are in our thoughts. I keep imagining what it must be like for them and their fellow Hokies everywhere to watch the coverage and see the familiar landscape as the stage for such a terrible tragedy.

Caroline Kicks

Babies kick, nothing outstanding there I suppose, but we recently installed the batteries in Caroline's activity mat and she can now enjoy interactive play. When she kicks the kick plate the activity mat lights up and makes noise. She really enjoyed it this afternoon and we took some video because she was cooing and kicking up a storm. She was a bit gassy as well, which you can also hear on the video HA!!!

We think she is brilliant of course - while watching her kick we definitely saw that there was an increase in the coos and that she was kicking with more enthusiasm once we got her kicking the kick plate. It is amazing to watch her learn and play like this!!!

Here she is!


The War is over, but an old foe is rearing its ugly white head

Consider Battle Bottle nearly complete!!!!

Eureka!!! Our combo nursing and bottle method at one feeding daily has nearly cured our baby girl of her bottle blues!! She will now take a bottle with very little complaint even without nursing first. Of course you do still have to be at the ready with bottle in hand positioned for feeding almost as soon as she opens her eyes in some cases, but we have seen a definite and dramatic improvement. I have photographic proof which I will upload. Previously these photos would have been impossible because the purple face and tears aren't exactly something you want to capture for posterity.

I must also mention that while we are patting ourselves on the back, a big part of the problem may have been that we were holding the bottle UPSIDE DOWN - with the wrong part of the nipple facing her tongue --- whooooooopppsss!!!! Thanks to Auntie K for sorting that mess out. We saw instant results just in making this one little modification. So we can't take all the credit for the Battle turning to our favor...

Just as this battle seems to feigning, another one is brewing in the distance. Our long-standing thrush appears to be worsening. I find it increasingly difficult to give the ridiculous 4+ doses of the medication each day and find it nearly impossible to apply the medication to my body more than once. We won't even discuss boiling the pacifiers after each use... as if that would ever be possible. We noticed that Caroline appeared to be getting a little rash on her face just above her mouth and it has now spread to the other side as well... great... In looking at her pacifiers it occurs to me that it is probably being transferred from her tongue to the pacifier to this part of her face - the location matches perfectly. Additionally I have been trying to be more diligant with the meds to my body because I have noticed some redness and soreness - this might also be causing the rash? Who knows... we have been dealing with this GD thrush for so freaking long and I am getting so incredibly fed up with it. Kiki called this morning with her own eureka moment about it being the thrush, which kind of confirms my own theories and makes me feel a bit less crazy.

Besides the obvious things like having to explain to strangers that she has thrush when they question her white tongue and having to take a gazillion photos to get one good one because she always seems to have her mouth open and thrushy tongue exposed, I would just like to be done with it already. She has had this for 8 weeks now - EIGHT - and it isn't getting better, it's getting worse. Anyone with a new baby knows how much work it is - add in medicine and medicine for you, boiling pacifiers, changing nursing pads as often as possible, and washing those nursing bras every single solitary time you wear them - I am sick of it to be perfectly honest and I want a better answer than just keep using the Nystatin. Looks like I will calling the pediatrician tomorrow, LOVELY, and all after spending another 40 bucks on the crappy sticky medicine that stains everything...

I might request that we try gentian violet or make them give me diflucan...

My poor thrushy tongued babushka...

Special Shout Out To KIKI

Thanks to Kiki for making the drive to be with Caroline while her Mommy went on a job interview... We OWE her BIG TIME!!!! More on the job later...

Caroline plays with her duckie, sort of...

Here is a video of Caroline playing with a duck chime toy on her activity mat. Watch her little eyebrows as she tries to figure out how she just moved the duck. She's doing an even better job reaching for it today with an open fist.

Enjoy... we certainly are...


Next Steps...


The McFam had a great time at home with Steve's family for Easter. We drove up first thing Saturday morning in order to both maximize our time with them and also try to discourage any driving hysteria from the little miss. (Happy to report that not a peep was heard on the way up to MA! The ride home is a bit different though - but that's fine!) Sadly, the BC Eagles lost their second NCAA Hockey Championship in as many years. I was glad that Steve was with another BC fan to watch the game and that we had multiple baby helpers so he could actually watch the whole thing from start to finish. =) I just wish the final score was different.

It was especially fun to dress Caroline up in her pretty little dress for Easter. She was a total cutie, albeit a bit fussy, but adorable while screaming and because they all love her so much no one seemed to care one bit - phew!!!

Word from the North is that she is welcome anytime - which we will totally capitalize on more and more now that she is getting older AND that summer is coming. Baby on the BEACH!!!

Bottle update

Battle Bottle rages on, but with great success. She has taken a bottle with minimal (compared to two weeks ago) fussing every single day for two weeks. I may have stepped her down a bit too much on Easter Sunday - doing 13 minutes of nursing and then the bottle. I think we will hover at about 15 for a couple of days before stepping it down again. Overall it is MUCH improved.

Planning next steps

She was pretty good yesterday - just eating a ton - and today has been a bit challenging, but I think that is mostly because of our morning. She slept from about 9:30 to 5:00 and then went right back down again until about 8:30. I jumped out of bed at 8 to get ready for the day and totally rushed her through her second meal to get her ready and out the door for our 10:30 appointment. Breakfast was sadly a juice box, some trail mix, and a chips ahoy 100 calorie pack... I know I know I know... but what's a mom to do???? (I have since completely stuffed my face on Easter leftovers that hit the spot!)

Our 10:30 appointment was at a local preschool/day care.

Day care... Day care... Day care....

No matter how many times I type it, it doesn't get any easier to admit that we are planning for this next step.

We really liked this day care. It is clean, the kids seemed very well cared for and the price is very reasonable. Instead of having an infant classroom, they use an in home day care model with an infant/toddler mixed classroom, which at first glance makes you think that the infants are getting a bum deal, but after discussion and consideration really makes more sense. The What to Expect Book says that the ideal teacher to baby ratio is 1-3 and their ratio is 1-4. They try to minimize the number of infants in the rooms so that if a tiny little one is upset the teachers actually can get to them to address whatever seems to be bothering them. If there were 8 infants there would be 6 babies at any one time left with no option than to scream bloody murder...

I had no idea how much was required to have a child in day care. This particular center requires that you bring your own pack n play so that the child can have their own space. $$$ signs flew through my head as she started giving us the list of things we would need to bring in for her, but then she was also making a really great point that by having her own space, no other child would ever use it and we will have control over that special space. I had not considered the bottles we would be required to bring on a daily basis (your kid eats 6 times- bring SIX bottles). Packing her up each day is going to be insane, but only at first. They will send home things to be cleaned as needed and we will just keep sending in new things. Each child has their own everything - great for keeping the germies at bay...

I think that we will 99% choose this day care for Caroline. The teachers seemed nice and knowledgeable. We watched one infant/toddler class do baby yoga before their lunch and the director shared that this same classroom uses sign language. The lesson plans appear to address many areas of development and are planned in a way that children of all ages/abilities will be able to participate in the same general lesson. Did I not to mention that it is one exit from Steve's office and potentially in the same office park as one of the jobs I am applying to?

So why if it seems so perfect am I sick over it? There is not a person on the planet that I could leave her with without feeling this sad feeling in my belly. Steve is behind any decision I make about work and I really do want to get back in the game part-time. I know how good it will be for her and I to have a break from one another, but as I sat in Steve's parking lot feeding her before our ride home I was overcome by sadness that this special time for her and I will be coming to an end. I feel INCREDIBLY fortunate to have the luxury of getting the best of both worlds with a part-time schedule, but there is just a sadness in it all. I know that every mother must feel this way and I know that it will get easier as time goes on. I also know that it will be harder for us than for her.

Steve looked at me stroking her head and staring at her in the car and reminded me that he leaves her every single day to go to work. I reminded him that he is leaving her at home with me.

Lucky for us, we are doing this early as they won't have an opening for her until June 25th. That leaves over two more months of naps, giggles, walks, and "firsts." It still feels like that day is looming over my head, but I truly do feel better now that we have laid eyes on the place. I am sure that will help me cope...

Now to find a job... I have an interview on Friday...

Enjoy all the new photos courtesy of Auntie C and Kiki Dee.

rollin', rollin', rollin'...

More than likely a fluke... probably not done intentionally...

Caroline spontaneously rolled from her tum tum to her back this morning on our bed (under both Mom and Dad's watchful eyes of course)! Steve and I just sat open-mouthed for a moment before we looked at each other as if to say - "OK you saw that too" and then "did that really just happen???" When placed back on her tummy she got upset so it was game over on that BUT UNREAL!!!!!

I think the very best part is that Steve was still at home and he didn't just get to hear about it!

In other news, we are approaching the end of week 2 of what will now be known as "Battle Bottle." She H-A-T-E-S the bottle now. We had been giving her one every other day and she had been taking it fine. When my oversupply started getting outof control I cut back on my pumping because it seemed to be making the problem much much worse. No pumping = No bottles to give her and during that 2 week span while my milk definitely settled, she totally lost her bottle drinking skills. WAH!!! She now screams so loudly that you would think you were sticking pins in her eyes when the bottle is even presented to her. Last night we tried a new method and I think it may work!

After 10 minutes of purple faced screaming and the biggest saddest tears compounded with the cry breathing (you know when you can't seem to even catch your breath and you inhale three or four times in quick succession?) I decided to put all those years of Psych and Social Work training to the test and created a new model to work from which hopefully will slowly condition her to the bottle. I fed her for about 15 minutes and then offered the bottle to her... no screaming, no crying, no purple face and an ounce later she told us she was finished by moving her head away from the bottle and closing her mouth... amazing... Steve was beginning to worry that it was him, so when she started taking the bottle I had him first hold it and then we moved her over to his arms where she continued eating quite happily. My plan for now is to freeze most of the milk I pump and save an ounce or so for my little bottle conditioning program. Today I will do 10 minutes and then try the bottle with a pass off to Steve. (If she is still hungry I have plenty of frozen milk to thaw) I will try to shorten the nursing time each day (and increase the bottle volume) until we can hopefully just offer the bottle straight out. =) My daughter the lab rat! Might as well put my knowledge of operant conditioning to good use right. Maybe next I will toilet train Reese...

Strange phenomenon occuring in our house... SLEEP!

I think we can say it out loud now - though we will still whisper it just in case -

Caroline is sleeping through the night

It has been gradually happening for a couple weeks now. First she was spacing her middle of the night feedings out more, then there was a rough patch (for me) where she was waking up once at 3:45 -4:15 ish (I say rough because it was late enough in the night that I often did not get back to sleep, but it was FINE by me since she was Sleeping!), 4 became 5 and for the last couple days she has let us sleep until after 6am - she is like a mini alarm clock for Steve now =)

What a big girl she is becoming!!!

Speaking of big girl - I weighed her on our bathroom scale today and she was about 11 pounds with all her clothes AND a full belly. Granted the bathroom scale does not account for ounces and I am sure it is not entirely accurate (except where my own weight is concerned of course!), but WOW!!! She must be mid 10's at this point!!!

Anyway - back to the sleeping - it has thrown our days off a bit. Caroline used to wake up to eat and then go back to sleep until 8 or later, but those days seem to be long gone. After sleeping from 9ish on all the way to 6 the LAST thing our baby girl wants to do in the am is go back to sleep. She seems to be alternating days - one day I can coax her back down so I can grab a shower and the next she is impossible in the morning and she spends 15 minutes with the hair dryer on low in the background while I bolt into the shower, get dressed, and dry my hair. You know how some moms look like they just grabbed the closest pair of milk stained jeans and an old t shirt? Well, they did and it is because a tiny clock is ticking down in their head and once it hits zero you are $hit out o' luck my friend. And that old t shirt - it is probably the second shirt they grabbed and upon comparison it was the cleanest of the two =)

I digress - Yesterday was one of those "No, I am not napping and if you don't get to shower I don't care, put on extra deodorant" days. For the record the hair dryer trick allowed those blessed 15 minutes and I had time to get her washed up and dressed too and we were OUT the Door in under 30 minutes flat to get to our Moms Group. Neither rain, nor wet hair, nor screaming baby were going to stop me. She was out cold before we even hit the highway and she slept from about 11:45 to 3:30!!! She went 5 + hours without a meal and BOY when she woke up did she let me know she was hungry. She was a little tough to get down because she kept waking up hungry, but she missed 2 meals and had some serious calories to make up. We were sure she wasn't going to sleep through - but she did =) God love her!

Today was one of those "I am an angel - look how absolutely perfect I am" days. She woke up, ate, fussed for a bit, went back to sleep for a couple hours, woke up to eat, played, fell back asleep in the car while I ran an errand, slept until about 3, woke up to eat, played, fussed BIG TIME, fell asleep eating, and will be woken up in about 2 minutes to eat or we will NEVER get her down. =) (by the way - I use the term played loosely - for now it means looking at us or a toy, smiling, and cooing)

So you never know what the next day will bring and as stressful as it can be at times, I wouldn't want it any other way because each day is different with new twists and turns and though the days are sometimes stormy - the sunny days - well they melt our hearts and we totally forget all about that pouty puss who was visiting yesterday...

I bring this up because it sometimes is like she has TWO personalities - Kiki and I were just talking soap talk (OLTL) and she was explaining how Vicky and Nicky, previously separate personalities of the Vicky, has been integrated and that her daughter Jess suffers from the same difficulty and is coping with her own evil twin Tess... Caroline needs an evil twin name... Please help me name said dark demon!

Have a great Easter!!!

We'll be up in MA with Kiki and Poppa for the holiday and Auntie k's birthday!

Sushi, Sully-fied, and Silly Stuff

Despite a tough day for Miss Caroline on Saturday we had a blast with Sean & Courtney and Brian & Erin, who came down for part of the weekend to visit and spend some QT with the little missy. It is hard to imagine that we last saw them a month ago at her big Coming Out!!! Time has flown by and we were reminded via their visit just how much we miss home especially those random nights in with friends where all we need is some beer/wine and a sporting event on in the background because the company is so great. Not to mention the laughs...

Can I add that the night was semi "Sully-fied?" Keep your eyes and ears posted for news about Sean and Stevie's runaway hit on the Food Network. They will be traveling to major cities across the nation scoping bars and then rating the late night grub options - complete with commentary that is sure to be Sull-tastic!!! Check your local listings!!!!

PS. Is it fair for said network to air Iron Chef Battle Breakfast late on a Saturday night?? When breakfast is so SO far away??? I think not!

Anyway - we were so pleased to have visitors and are excited that the next time we have overnight guests they can actually have a place to sleep that won't require deposit via credit card. It was so nice of them to organize and make the trip... we miss them!!!

A bonus was the brunch at Bravo with the Greg, Jen, and Ryan - who was a perfect little boy the WHOLE time! He is so cute and it makes us want to organize more events "with the kids."

Yesterday and Today were spent with Kiki which meant that I was able to get a lot done around the house and knock of some errands - THANK YOU KIKI!!!! Kiki has the magic touch with Caroline, who slept from 9:30 to 6:00AM last night. We got more than 8 hours of uniterrupted glorious unbelievable you actually have time to dream sleep... it was a beautiful beautiful thing...

We also went out for sushi! Steve and I left Caroline in Kiki's care and jetted off to Fin in Fairfield for some spicy tuna - it was the first sushi I have had since May when we enjoyed a final meal with Erin and Brian before our move to CT. That is a long time - it was WAY overdue and I enjoyed every single bite... delish!!!!

Caroline continues to amaze us everyday - her latest trick is smiling when you say "I Love You" ... it is absolutely precious and Kiki caught some of them with her camera...

Famous (in my mind only) for my Panera Bread jingle - I wrote one to sing to her when she is fussy... I shared it with Steve last night, but he somehow had fallen asleep in the time it took me to say I had written a new song and when I actually finished singing it... is it that bad???

To the tune of that Mama loves Mambo song...

Mama loves Caroline
Daddy loves Caroline
Someday we might add to our tree
Happy for now a family of three...

and we are... we really are...