Bubbles in her belly

The saddest thing in our house this week was poor Caroline with a gassy belly. Thursday was tough tough TOUGH. We got to hear a new cry that was different in a not so good way, which seemed to be her telling us "OW!!!!! My belly hurts, please make it stop." It was so sad... I am talking sitting in fetal position rocking with tears streaming down my face if I was alone sad, thankfully I was NOT. =) Later that night when we tried to put her down she woke up as soon as her head hit the bed and this went on until about 12:30 am... Long night... I wrote several songs about gas, but Steve likes my lullaby best...

It's time to go night night
Time to go to bed
Time to close your eyes
Time to rest your head

I say he likes it because he was singing along with me by about the 50th time I sang it over and over in a feeble attempt to put her to bed. It's catchy! Maybe I will have a whole album of songs that I can shop around soon =)

We have been paying close attention and she seems to be a bit better since and I am not sure if it is the new anti gas medicine, an altered feeding style, or ? Most likely it was just a bad day, a no good very bad gassy day. (Thank you Judith Voirst)

Caroline cheered on the Sox all weekend with her Dad, adorable!!! She was mistaken for a boy a couple times as she donned her sox cap, but we are doing wonders in creating female sports fan acceptance everywhere we go. She wishes they swept, but two out of three isn't too bad. We got funny looks from all the crazy Southern CT Yankee fans. I loved the sideways glances.

We are gearing up for our move!!! Two Fridays until we close. (?!?!?!?!?) Looking at the boxes makes me happy, which is a strange thing since I loathe moving. LOATHE. Looking at the things left to pack makes me a little nervous. The entire dining room is done, most of the living room, and half the kitchen is packed, labeled, and stacked in an anal orderly obsessive fashion. I am trying to pack up Caroline, which is challenging, but we are getting there. It is so exciting!!!

Caroline will have no memories of this place at all. She won't remember the place where she first slept, where she gazed through blinds at the first sun of spring, the sink where she screamed through her first bath, or the living room where she watched her first baseball game with her father. There are photos of course, but the memories of those places will be ours alone to shepherd and keep safe for her. She wouldn't have remembered those things anyway and she won't actually form long-term memories for years. It will be much sadder when we say goodbye to this new house, which will undoubtedly someday be labeled the old house. The site of those all important first steps and countless other soon to be formed memories will be far more difficult to let go.

The anxiety of moving is for me more about letting go of the past than preparing for the move. Lord knows I could tell you exactly which box has the corn holders if you asked me as sick and twisted as that is. (It's in the box with a vase, the mortar and pestle, and some cookbooks if you must know) The excitement of a move is about all the new memories and good times that lie ahead, but there is always a twinge of sadness.

FLASHBACK to Thanksgiving 2003 when Steve and I were moving out of our first apartment in Brighton, a cozy sunny 1 bedroom with eat in kitchen and high ceilings, to a lovely larger and more grown up condo in Natick. In one of my top 5 all time most dramatic moments I tearfully demanded to be driven through the city ONE MORE TIME before our move and as I watched the familiar pass me by I sobbed... complete with sniffling I am quite certain... I was elated to be moving, but I knew that I would never live in the city that had been my home for 7 years again. The following day as we packed up the last of the boxes and put the cat into the travel crate, I had to pause to take one more dramatic look at the first home we ever shared. More of the same dramatics last May when we hopped into seperate cars and headed to our new scary life in CT. I am quite sure that I will linger for one more look as we again head off to the unknown (though much more spacious digs) in a few weeks. I am also quite certain that the room I will have the most difficulty saying goodbye to is going to be my baby doll Caroline's room. She has not walked yet, she has not talked yet, but that room was her first room, even if she had to share it with us.

Noteable events from the weekend...

...saw Kiki, Poppa, and Auntie C
... got to meet Mom's colleagues at the VNA
... met Dad's colleagues and boss
... saw Titi, Toey was with his fraternity brothers in Philly
... visited with Nana and Granda
... first trip to Super Duper Wienie


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