I have a theory...

Caroline has been sleeping in her crib since she was about 3 weeks old. We had her in the crib, sleeping in her Moses basket with the inclined to sleep (that is that little contraption next to her it keeps her head elevated and prevents her from turning over). We noticed she has been getting a bit long for her Moses basket - wah!!! - her toes were touching the edge and as she likes to scrunch down when she sleeps we keep finding her with her legs pointed towards the ceiling. Not so comfy probably. So we decided to try the crib with the inclined to sleep sans basket. Big step!

She went down like a CHAMP last night - we fed her - burped her and down she went - from 9:30 until 6!!! I heard her a couple of times during the night/early morning making some little noises, but she settled herself down and went right back to sleep. Turns out those noises should have alerted me to watch her on the monitor because she was pretty busy in her sleep.


She doesn't look too happy in the photo because she is starving - 9 hours without food will do that to a 10 week old - but look at her!!! At first I thought she must have rolled herself over the edges of the inclined to sleep, but the latest theory is that she wiggled her way down and kept wiggling down until she wiggled right out of the inclined the sleep and around the corner to be facing the opposite way. (How cute are her sheets by the way!) By the looks of it she was still wiggling down and before long would have been making the turn again to face the other direction.

The books say that babies that were active in utero stay that way and she is clearly evidence of that!!! What are we going to do with her?????

PS. Isn't it just turning out to be a spectacular day??? We cannot wait for the weekend and the parade of dresses!!! The only thing I want to do this weekend for my birthday is take a walk on the "beach" with my family!!! We might even be able to wear shorts - gasp!!!!! Don't worry - we will take lots and lots of photos!


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