Strange phenomenon occuring in our house... SLEEP!

I think we can say it out loud now - though we will still whisper it just in case -

Caroline is sleeping through the night

It has been gradually happening for a couple weeks now. First she was spacing her middle of the night feedings out more, then there was a rough patch (for me) where she was waking up once at 3:45 -4:15 ish (I say rough because it was late enough in the night that I often did not get back to sleep, but it was FINE by me since she was Sleeping!), 4 became 5 and for the last couple days she has let us sleep until after 6am - she is like a mini alarm clock for Steve now =)

What a big girl she is becoming!!!

Speaking of big girl - I weighed her on our bathroom scale today and she was about 11 pounds with all her clothes AND a full belly. Granted the bathroom scale does not account for ounces and I am sure it is not entirely accurate (except where my own weight is concerned of course!), but WOW!!! She must be mid 10's at this point!!!

Anyway - back to the sleeping - it has thrown our days off a bit. Caroline used to wake up to eat and then go back to sleep until 8 or later, but those days seem to be long gone. After sleeping from 9ish on all the way to 6 the LAST thing our baby girl wants to do in the am is go back to sleep. She seems to be alternating days - one day I can coax her back down so I can grab a shower and the next she is impossible in the morning and she spends 15 minutes with the hair dryer on low in the background while I bolt into the shower, get dressed, and dry my hair. You know how some moms look like they just grabbed the closest pair of milk stained jeans and an old t shirt? Well, they did and it is because a tiny clock is ticking down in their head and once it hits zero you are $hit out o' luck my friend. And that old t shirt - it is probably the second shirt they grabbed and upon comparison it was the cleanest of the two =)

I digress - Yesterday was one of those "No, I am not napping and if you don't get to shower I don't care, put on extra deodorant" days. For the record the hair dryer trick allowed those blessed 15 minutes and I had time to get her washed up and dressed too and we were OUT the Door in under 30 minutes flat to get to our Moms Group. Neither rain, nor wet hair, nor screaming baby were going to stop me. She was out cold before we even hit the highway and she slept from about 11:45 to 3:30!!! She went 5 + hours without a meal and BOY when she woke up did she let me know she was hungry. She was a little tough to get down because she kept waking up hungry, but she missed 2 meals and had some serious calories to make up. We were sure she wasn't going to sleep through - but she did =) God love her!

Today was one of those "I am an angel - look how absolutely perfect I am" days. She woke up, ate, fussed for a bit, went back to sleep for a couple hours, woke up to eat, played, fell back asleep in the car while I ran an errand, slept until about 3, woke up to eat, played, fussed BIG TIME, fell asleep eating, and will be woken up in about 2 minutes to eat or we will NEVER get her down. =) (by the way - I use the term played loosely - for now it means looking at us or a toy, smiling, and cooing)

So you never know what the next day will bring and as stressful as it can be at times, I wouldn't want it any other way because each day is different with new twists and turns and though the days are sometimes stormy - the sunny days - well they melt our hearts and we totally forget all about that pouty puss who was visiting yesterday...

I bring this up because it sometimes is like she has TWO personalities - Kiki and I were just talking soap talk (OLTL) and she was explaining how Vicky and Nicky, previously separate personalities of the Vicky, has been integrated and that her daughter Jess suffers from the same difficulty and is coping with her own evil twin Tess... Caroline needs an evil twin name... Please help me name said dark demon!

Have a great Easter!!!

We'll be up in MA with Kiki and Poppa for the holiday and Auntie k's birthday!


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