Our brilliant child can say Ah-Goo

on command that is!!! She has figured out how to watch,listen, and repeat - sounds like I am talking about our little parrot Caroline and not our daughter, but you get the gist =)

Here is a video I took on Friday of her on her changing table aka her happiest place on earth. After several minutes of taping from straight above I switched to the profile view because she has taken to staring at the camera when it comes out. She was talking up a storm one minute and poof dead silence the next. The video is a bit shaky as I was standing above her and taping from the side - picture this in your head - imagine the extended arm stretched as far as it goes attempting to balance the camera all while being kicked repeatedly by the cutest little chubby legs EVER.

The video is a bit LONG - but I couldn't clip it because she kept saying it over and over and over again -

Behold, our brilliant daughter!!!



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