Sushi, Sully-fied, and Silly Stuff

Despite a tough day for Miss Caroline on Saturday we had a blast with Sean & Courtney and Brian & Erin, who came down for part of the weekend to visit and spend some QT with the little missy. It is hard to imagine that we last saw them a month ago at her big Coming Out!!! Time has flown by and we were reminded via their visit just how much we miss home especially those random nights in with friends where all we need is some beer/wine and a sporting event on in the background because the company is so great. Not to mention the laughs...

Can I add that the night was semi "Sully-fied?" Keep your eyes and ears posted for news about Sean and Stevie's runaway hit on the Food Network. They will be traveling to major cities across the nation scoping bars and then rating the late night grub options - complete with commentary that is sure to be Sull-tastic!!! Check your local listings!!!!

PS. Is it fair for said network to air Iron Chef Battle Breakfast late on a Saturday night?? When breakfast is so SO far away??? I think not!

Anyway - we were so pleased to have visitors and are excited that the next time we have overnight guests they can actually have a place to sleep that won't require deposit via credit card. It was so nice of them to organize and make the trip... we miss them!!!

A bonus was the brunch at Bravo with the Greg, Jen, and Ryan - who was a perfect little boy the WHOLE time! He is so cute and it makes us want to organize more events "with the kids."

Yesterday and Today were spent with Kiki which meant that I was able to get a lot done around the house and knock of some errands - THANK YOU KIKI!!!! Kiki has the magic touch with Caroline, who slept from 9:30 to 6:00AM last night. We got more than 8 hours of uniterrupted glorious unbelievable you actually have time to dream sleep... it was a beautiful beautiful thing...

We also went out for sushi! Steve and I left Caroline in Kiki's care and jetted off to Fin in Fairfield for some spicy tuna - it was the first sushi I have had since May when we enjoyed a final meal with Erin and Brian before our move to CT. That is a long time - it was WAY overdue and I enjoyed every single bite... delish!!!!

Caroline continues to amaze us everyday - her latest trick is smiling when you say "I Love You" ... it is absolutely precious and Kiki caught some of them with her camera...

Famous (in my mind only) for my Panera Bread jingle - I wrote one to sing to her when she is fussy... I shared it with Steve last night, but he somehow had fallen asleep in the time it took me to say I had written a new song and when I actually finished singing it... is it that bad???

To the tune of that Mama loves Mambo song...

Mama loves Caroline
Daddy loves Caroline
Someday we might add to our tree
Happy for now a family of three...

and we are... we really are...


  1. It was great to see you all. Can't wait for more visits in the future :)

  2. Happy 2 month birthday!!!!