Three vaccines are three too many...

I am not saying I don't want Miss Caroline vaccinated because of course I do, but it is getting more and more difficult to watch her get stuck in the thigh and turn purple and not breathe and then let out the most terrifying wail I have ever heard. It was hard to watch the first and second time, but somehow now that she is interacting and developing her diva-licious personality it plain out SUCKS to watch her get her shots... Steve noted that no one gets polio anymore and that she shouldn't have to get that one. While I would love to agree, we don't hear about polio because of the vaccine... I was at the office with her from 1:30 to 3 mainly because she was crying so hard after her shots that nothing including a snack was going to make her happy.

So the stats...

let's review so we all can bask in her glorious growth =)

at birth

21 inches
7 lbs even

2 weeks

21 1/4 inches
7 lbs 1.5 oz (back up from 6 11 when she left the hospital)
head circumference 14 1/4 inches

6 weeks

21 3/4 inches
9 lbs 6.5 oz
15 inch head circumference

2 and a half months (closer to three)

23 1/4 inches (55th%)
10 lbs 5 oz (25%)
15 3/4 inch head circumference (65%!!)

Overall she is doing wonderfully, interacting appropriately, and besides the constant thrush she is doing well medically speaking. The MD has some concerns about her head beginning to flatten in the back, but that is mostly because she hates tummy time about as much as anyone can hate something. (for the record I try to do it daily, but am usually lucky to get 5 mins - TODAY though 10 minutes before the frustrated unhappy crying)

We see the doctor again in June when she will be 4 months old!

Yesterday she moved herself from back to side mid slumber in the papasan seat AND the big news is that she slept well last night (despite those darn shots) from about9 to 5:15 SOLO - meaning no swaddle blanket at all. She was sleeping with her arms above her head as if telling us freeeeeeeddddddoooommmmm!!! =) very exciting... I had been preparing for a rough night given the shots and all, but not so. After she ate this morning we snuck a 2 HOUR nap all cuddled up in bed. She was on her side and though I know we need to be careful with the bed sharing since we are not planning on going the cosleeping route I hadn't expected her to go back down so easily and who can resist snuggling up to an adorable little muffin like Caroline every once in awhile.

She has been playing with objects placed in her lap and becoming more and more inquistive about the multitude of multicolored rattles and toys we place in front of her. I need to capture her new "oohhhh, what is this shiny item" face.

My angel is sitting on my lap watching me write this post and has been such a good little girl, but her patience is wearing a bit thin... it's time for some ah goos and play time, Daddy should be home soon for a nice long walk in this unbelievable weather...


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