An Inconvenient Truth

Warning Ramblings to Follow...

Steve and I watched An Inconvenient Truth this past weekend - anyone else? So besides once and for all convincing us that there is such a thing as Global Warming it also effectively scared the everliving bejesus out of me.

I was left with questions like -

How much worse can the terrible devastating weather we have been seeing possibly get?
Why do people still dispute whether or not there is such a thing as global warming?
What is preventing more people from seeing this movie? (if Al Gore is your excuse - get over it!)
April 22nd is not only my birthday, but also Earth Day and I have always felt like as such I should be more of a "green" person than I am. Moving to CT forced us to really REALLY recycle for the first time. They are super strict in our complex and I would estimate that we recycle about 200% more than we previously did (which was bottles and cans only!!!). Sure, it can be a pain, but if a truck will come and take it away for us every week is it really that big of a deal to rinse out the cans and milk jugs?

Now we have a world to worry about not just for us, but also for Miss Caroline and her kids and her kids kids and so forth... but the scary part of this is not what the world might be like for them, but that it might not even be there for them... I won't get preachy I promise... I am headed in a totally different direction altogether, trust me.

So what upset me most about this flick?

After a day of contemplation, poor Steve was once again subjected to what I will henceforth refer to as my bedtime philosophical grumblings. In An Inconvenient Truth there is a slide that shows the history of the world going back like 600,000 years or some other ridiculous number like that. In this graph Gore notes all previous ice ages... yes, PREVIOUS ice ages. So basically, the Earth will get as hot as Hades, melt everything and then after many many many years go back into an ice age where the process will start all over again. Sound scary yet?

What about the people that lived during the time between those ice ages? Were there even people? If you believe in evolution you could argue that species development could be completely different after each ice age and that perhaps there never were humans like us before. If there were people what did they look like? Did they speak similar languages? Did they advance way beyond what we will or did they live like cave people? yada yada yada There is ovbiously no record of them or their history or their accomplishments. So what does that mean for us? When we do hit another ice age our entire planet will be erased like a big whiteboard ready to be rewritten. That means us too, we and all our own personal histories, will be gone. It is scary enough to think that in a few generations no one will remember anything about us, but to completely obliterate us from the history of the universe?? This is very unsettling to me and seems really unfair. We will be just another dip in the chart of the history of the world, a time between ice ages, and no one will have any way of knowing what we did, what we were like, who we were...

That is enough to keep me up at night...


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