Introduction to Solids...

Yup that's right - I said SOLIDS --- S-O-L-I-D-S ---

Our little miss has been eying us eating, eating like a mad woman, and teething and given all that we decided why not just follow our own instincts and see how she did with a little cereal. So far it has not curtailed her eating, which could be due to the move, our weekend away, or many other reasons. So for now I am feeding her a light meal and then offering some rice cereal mid morning.

She opened her mouth for the spoon and sucked it right off and though she only actually eats about a tablespoon total Caroline is on her way into the exciting world of solids...

Technically the pediatrician suggests waiting until she is 6 months for solids, but she just seemed ready and we decided to just go with it!

Here is some video of her enjoying her breakfast this morning.

Caroline breakfast

Caroline All Done


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