Three months already?

Before I update all the goings on, allow me a moment to share the blog of my sister-in-law and Caroline's Auntie K. Her writing is smart, witty, and freakin' hysterical... if you enjoy reading here, you will ADORE reading her insightful, purposeful, and sometimes silly musings... The latest entry is about the loss of a beloved sidekick --- her cellphone...

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Caroline is three months old today!

It is incredibly hard to believe, but as we looked at her adorable little naked baby bod last night after bath time, we had one of those "can you believe how different she is" moments. Check out the photos in the picasa link above. Compare them to the bath part of the video from month 1 and you will see what we mean.

In just three months here in the world Caroline...

... learned to eat, very well, and from a bottle to boot!

... found her hands, which are often in her mouth

... can hold her head up nice and steady

... will tolerate some tummy time

... looked into our eyes

... smiled at us

... squealed in excitement

... discovered the cat

... said ah-goo back to us when prompted and most recently by herself without any prompting at all

... began to actually enjoy bathtime (no playing in her tubby yet)

... reached for an object

... grasped said object

... promptly attempted to eat said object =)

... sort of rolled/fell off the rolled up blanket from tummy to back

... went to the beach

... slept quietly through several meals at restaurants

... took quite a few road trips

... celebrated her very first Easter, Auntie K's birthday, and Granda's too

... met her wonderful adoring extended family

... played with some of her parent's friends

... stole her parent's hearts away forever

What else is new?

Yesterday our baby girl did FORTY FIVE minutes of tummy/bumbo time. The vacuum was blaring in the background the entire time, but she did it. While on her belly on top of a rolled up blanket, she suddenly straightened her leg and began to roll right off the blanket and onto her back (don't worry I caught her head for safe landing). She did this over and over again and somehow I caught it all on video. This morning we were not quite as successful, but we did read a book in the Bumbo and play with a rattle =)

Caroline had her first taste of formula after some errands during her mid-afternoon feeding yesterday afternoon. I have been debating this for awhile, more because I am curious than anything else. With the Red Sox game just a few weeks away, I have been thinking a lot about how to make the day as enjoyable as possible ie not filled with a million questions like did I leave her enough to eat? Is she starving? So we had a little talk about how I loved her and if she didn't like it I would feed her and just because I was feeding her this now did not mean she would never eat breastmilk again - what a sight I must have been. Clearly this was all about me and my concerns rather than reassuring her because she hesitated for a nano second when she tasted it and then just continued eating. She drank the entire 2 oz I had prepared and wanted more, so I made up another 2 oz and she drank that too. UNREAL!!! So now I can rest easy that whatever milk I am able to bring up to MA for the game will be enough and if she needs a little something more, a bottle of formula will tide her over until I can get to her. =) Visions of screaming starving baby can now go away.

I was sharing with the moms (kiki and nana) that it was definitely more difficult on me to give her the formula because I have been working so hard to feed her myself and it seemed as though she was indiscriminate about her food source. "Formula, Mom's milk, what's the difference?" I don't plan on making formula an everyday occurence, at least not for now, but it is good to know that if I cannot be there and there is no milk she will be ok. We may need it when I get back to work who knows? Nursing continues to be very important to me and I want to keep it up as long as I am able to.

Here are my own personal notes on bottle feeding. If I had the choice I seriously wouldn't do it exclusively and here is why.

The Prep

All this measuring and mixing, all while holding a screaming hungry baby? no thanks! Mix it too?? Jeez!!! I often take for granted just how easy nursing is. When she is hungry I grab a magazine or book, a bottle of water and away we go. I am sure I would get better with it over time and I know it is even easier these days with bottled water etc, but nursing just seems so much simpler.

Talk about feeling isolated

When she eats from a bottle she needs constant attention because you are holding her food source and don't you dare take it from her. =) When I nurse her I can flip the pages of a book, talk on the phone (I have even spoken to HR reps about jobs while feeding her), write a to do list, grocery list, or notes from a call about a job, rinse dishes for the dishwasher, sort laundry, eat lunch, amid a myriad of other tasks. She generally gives me a limited amount of eye contact and then those baby blues close and she is not all that interested in bonding through eye contact anymore, so in the remaining minutes I get a lot done. Feeding her the formula yesterday made me feel bad for the Moms who need to rely on a bottle.

Just my two cents. I am incredibly grateful that Caroline is such a good eater and that we have been able to make this work thus far.

The psuedo birthday girl is sitting in her swing fast asleep. I am going to hop into the shower while the moment exists. We have plans to run to BJs for diapers later this morning (what size diaper do you buy when your baby is 11 pounds and size 1 goes to 12 pounds - especially when buying in bulk?) and if she is in a good mood we are off to find a park or maybe take a walk on the "beach" on this stunningly beautiful day. Be on the look out for her 3 month photo with the bear coming soon to picasa.


  1. check out that BOD! they should erect STATUES in her honor!

  2. The three-month photo shoot is fantastic! She just keeps getting cuter!!!