What routine?

Miss Caroline is screaming in her crib - has been on and off for almost 45 minutes. She was sleepy I swear. How did I know this? She was rubbing her eyes, yawning and looking pretty disinterested in the world around her. So I wrapped her up into her bundle blanket, with one arm out as is the custom these days, sang her a quick little lullabye, started her mobile and sound machine, told her in such a soothing Mommy voice that it was time to go night night and stepped away. Instead of a happily slumbering baby, I have a screaming unhappy little girl who is absolutely pissed that someone had the cajones to try to tell her when to sleep. HOW DARE I! =) For the record, all signs pointed to tired - her signs mind you - so in a way putting her down for a nap was HER idea. Babies just don't get it =)

I was beginning to think that my own head was about to explode in response to the non stop scream-a-thon, but a little pacifier action and some gentle vibrations coaxed her down off her cliff. Now I think her little post cry breathing (you know - the three quick breaths in) may keep her awake. I think I may have finally got her =) And it only took 45 minutes!!!

I have been thinking a lot about how unpredictable our days are and trying to decide if we have ANYTHING close to a routine down at this point. Knowing that day care will be starting in the near future, I not only want to be able to fill out the form about her routine, but understand that her needs will be best met by the staff if they can anticipate them, which at this point is impossible. This fly by the seat of your pants gig might work with me, but not for 2 teachers caring for 7 other kids.

Until this week, I was putting her in her papasan so I could shower and turning on the hair dryer if she was not into that idea, which would almost always put her out. This week I have been attempting to get her to sleep in her crib for both her morning and afternoon nap and each night we are trying to do less rocking and singing and more reassuring without picking her up. Napping is taking more energy than I had anticipated, even when I follow her cues and try to do it when she's telling me she is tired. We'll get there, I just hope I have the strength to stick with it. Daycare won't have a papasan and hair dryer to force the nap. Bedtime is going ok though, only about 15-30 minutes before she is down for the count, which is actually better than when we did rock her if you can believe that, so that is what I am holding onto in hopes that napping will actually get better in time.

PS. Just kidding, this nap is not taking... screaming banshee again...

A typical day in the life of Caro

5:15-6:00 ....
Wake up call! Feed me NOW please =)

3o minutes to an hour later...
Feed me again please, after all that sleep the tummy is still pretty empty!

Between 8:30 and 9:00... Hungry again and then the tanks are full for a bit, so this is playtime, tummy time, bumbo time, ah-gooing and the like

9:00 - 10:00...
Nap attempt - usually successful after some serious convincing
Nap is typically 30-45 minutes, just long enough for a shower and blow dry

Feeding time again - though sometimes the nap is not happening and she decides that she is actually hungry then and would rather eat and no thank you I don't feel quite like sleeping, which means that I rush to get her into the carseat and out of the house as fast as I can after this meal so that for the love of GOD she will nap please!!!

Errands or Moms Group... If she hasn't slept she is out like a light in the car and allows some running around to be done. If she has slept she is pretty chill and will tolerate the errands for a bit.

12:30 - 1:00
Hungry again.

1:00- 3:00
Playtime, second nap attempted usually at this point, though it hasn't ever really been successful. So this time is more play, perhaps more tummy time, ahgooing, and usually some tears

Hungry again

3:30 - 5:00
Second nap attemped again, usually somewhat successful for a quick little cat nap between 15-30 minutes

4:00 - 5:00
Steve comes home (yay!)

5:00 - 5:30
Hungry again, daily bottle feeding from Dad

The other people who happen to live in the house with Caroline shove food as fast as humanly possible into their faces, cut each other's meat if the child will not cooperate, and try to amuse the baby on the activity mat which is good for anywhere from 0 - 20 minutes

6:30 - 7:00
Bathtime every other day, otherwise winding down time, quiet play with Dad, jammies

7:00 - 7:30
Last meal of the day, really fuels up for the long night ahead

Bedtime, quiet music, Green Eggs and Ham, a short lullabye, some pacifier action if she wants it, and then mobile with ocean sounds, gentle vibrations if needed, shhing

and then 8-10 blissful hours later it all begins again

So looking at this, I suppose we SORT OF have a routine, but I would really call it more of a guideline. What more can I expect from a three month old? We will just keep working on those naps. She will learn over time to take them by herself in her crib without the hairdryer and her little growing body will thank me for them.

No matter what we do as mothers, I am sure all of us feel like we could be or should be doing more than we are... Right now I am focused on napping and getting herself to sleep, next week it will just be something else that I am clearly failing at. Caroline is fine and doing wonderfully, I just need to believe it when I say it.


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