Four Months...

Caroline is FOUR months today!!!

We coincidentally had her 4 month check-up this afternoon as well. She is 50% for head circumference, 24 3/4 inches tall which is over 75%, and 11 lbs 3 oz which is only in the 5th%. Our doctor is not terribly concerned with her weight because she is so tall and also because she was just sick. We have to return to his office in about a month for a weight check, but at this time he does not see a reason to supplement with anything additional. He suggests that we continue cereal, but limit it to once a day and a small amount to ease her into solids slowly. He was also careful to remind us that cereal is not the same as a meal and should be given in addition to her other meals. Though we could tell he was not in total agreement with our cereal decision, he did not in anyway disuade us from giving her cereal, which I think speaks volumes for him. I don't think I would function well with a dictator doctor type, in fact even if he said no to cereal without a valid reason I would continue to do as I please anyway... maybe he knows this already?

Caroline also had FOUR shots to commemorate her FOURTH month. It never gets easier to see them gets shots does it??? It was more of a purple faced scream this time than a silent screech, which I suppose is an improvement. She'll be enjoying grape flavored tylenol later on.

Kiki is on her way down to CT to spend some time with us while Poppa heads across the pond on business. Kiki, Caroline, and I have business to attend to as well, likely in New Haven at a European furniture and doo dad emporium which doubles as a human sized rat maze... I think you know the one I am referring to? =) We are in the market for a matching coffee table and end table for our formal living room. The sideboard we put together looks great in there, but we need a place for snacks and glasses for guests that we won't likely have very many of =) At least we can pretend right... Besides - Kiki has NEVER been and I had difficulty understanding why she has not ventured here on her own yet. I hope it is a kind and pleasant introduction. Before we even get that far though I would like to unpack my clothes. Yes, my clothes. I am living on a limited amount of t shirts and shorts right now and it would be nice to have some other options. So that is priority UNO when she arrives, not to mention completing Caro's room and getting her things more organized too. It is challenging to do this because when I have time to be in there doing things the room is usually occupado by a sleeping babe, NOT THAT I WOULD EVVVVEEERRR complain about that. We got her curtain up and her lamp situated (Thanks Linda) and I consider that monumental movement in her unpacking. =)

Alli, Mom to Abbi in video below, sent along an excellent article from the Washington Post about motherhood and what it is that us Moms do all day, whether we are working or not... It is worth a read and for those feeling neglected by us new moms out there, perhaps you will understand that it is less of a choice than you might believe it to be?

Also - stay tuned for the 4 month photo shoot scheduled for later today or tomorrow, the lighting is not so much down here for photo taking. A whole new month of photos to begin an album for!!!!


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