Hotter than Hades?

Is it just super sweater Kerri or is it hotter than Hades out there today??? I am keeping to our schedule despite the inferno like temps and brought my appropriately scantily clad but covered by stroller shade babe out for our regular walk this morning. We increased the walk to almost an hour!!! She was STARVING when we got back here, but she made it!!!

I was such a disgusting sweating through my shirt face wiping stroller pushing Mom that I had to make her wait an extra two minutes so I could take the flash shower (you know the ice cold dash in dash out variety) as not to stick to her during her meal.

We caught up with a Mom from our group on our way home which I normally would relish except that I was trying to keep my foul sweaty self at a safe distance from her because I was oh so gross. She and her daughter Ellen, who just turned 3 months today walk everyday about the same time as we do with their dog Sadie. Sadie takes Doggie Xanax and can be a bit anxious, but is a very obedient puppy.

Never have I been so thankful to be married to a hottie like Stevie (and I mean that in both senses of the word babe). I may curse and complain and shiver all through summer, but I am keeping my mouth shut from now on and plan on just sucking it up with a sweatshirt. GOD BLESS Central Air!!! Visions of both Caro and myself dashing in the sprinkler for relief pass through my nice cool head... Steve you win... I cannot live without central air...

On our way out into the heat for a trip to the post office.


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