Snort, Snort

Caroline accompanied me to Angela's baby shower in Western MA yesterday and was quite a well-behaved little charmer for most of her visit. It was fun to introduce her to everyone. Nana quite enjoyed having her there and even sat with her on a swing for a nice little nap. I thought that nap had the potential to screw me on the ride home, but Missy was in a pleasant and forgiving mood and blissfully slept the ride home. She didn't get to sleep until almost 10, but then slept until 4:30 and then again until EIGHT!!!!????!!!! THANK YOU CARO!!!

Steve and I think that Caroline is getting plumper and that the Fenugreek and our new nursing methods are working splendidly. She feels more solid and is filling out her pjs more than she was last week. Via the bathroom scale, which is not the most accurate and doesn't measure ounces she is 12.5 pounds. I am very impressed with the gain and we have found that since starting our new plan she is happier, sleeping better, and even enjoying some rest time/nap time occasionally. I still need to mad dash for the shower, but whatever.

Caroline wolfed down her cereal this morning, which was great! She sometimes gets through the bowl and sometimes not, but this time she was even in a good mood after eating and didn't want to nurse right off... another marker for success??

We are busily preparing for our vacation next week in HUM!!! YAY!!!!

Off to dress Miss Caro in a fun summer outfit for an outing to Daddy's office, the grocery store, and perhaps a walk by the pond...

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  1. i get to seeeee yoooooou alllllll on mondaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! baaaaaaaby!!!!!!!!