So word from the hubby is that the masses (Auntie C) are hollering for a post - even if just a paragraph - to give them something to read at work errr home =)

Regarding weight

OK, so without getting into numbers because they aren't all that important anyway, Caroline is demonstrating once again her ability to pack on the pounds when she needs to. We went for a session at Breastfeeding Resources earlier this week to discuss my milk supply and ways I can increase what I am giving her. Recently I have been having to feed her nearly every hour of the day (thankfully not at night) and it was getting a bit crazy. With me returning to work, even part-time, I wanted to nip this in the bud and get it all figured out even more. SO - I am taking an herbal supplement (used in Indian cuisine and a flavoring for maple syrup) called Fenugreek.

I saw an almost overnight change in my supply and we are happily eating every 2 or more hours since yesterday =) I am noticing some balance issues and have been feeling a bit like my blood sugar is low, which I discussed with the group facilitator yesterday. Given my PCOS history, I am likely feeling the low blood sugars a bit more than a typical nursing mom and I am already beginning a taper on the herb - down from 2 pills 4 times a day to 1 pill 4 times a day.

So besides the less frequent nursing, what else is different? Caroline seems happier! She is happier more often than sad and is NAPPING more spontaneously and more frequently during the day =) which I think is a direct result of being more satiated when she does eat. This makes her mother very very happy.

I am not all that concerned with her weight - she is happy and is thriving, meeting all her milestones. I will continue to try to pack on the ounces, but I refuse to freak out about her dip in weight gain. She had a rough month with the move and her fever and clearly as I am now producing less milk I did too, so we will just push forward and get through this.

Some Fun Stuff

My parents came down for a visit yesterday after work and Caroline entertained everyone with her cute noises and interest in books. Granda read her a story and I finished up with Green Eggs and Ham for bedtime. They couldn't get over what a little girl she is becoming and they cannot wait to share her with the rest of my mother's fam at Angela's baby shower this weekend. (Another little girl!!! Due in September!)

Baby Einstein is just about the cutest thing ever, besides our Caro of course. We are getting into Baby Sign, a new DVD out recently, to introduce her to sign language (as I type that I realize that Steve has not yet seen the video! whoops!!!) and she will watch it for a bit before she gets distracted by her favorite toys - her feet. I am trying to emphasize the signs for mealtime especially (cereal, more, all done, milk). We'll see how that goes...

Someone at babies r' us told me that my son was flirting with them... General rule of thumb for the masses - if the baby is in yellow or green (she was in yellow at the time) ask the baby's name before making these statements. I spent some time later that day looking at her in her adorable CLEARLY girl yellow outfit wondering if she did look like a boy. Steve's solution to this is to have her ears pierced. =)

I hope this post pacifies the outcry for a post =) She seems to be getting better about giving me 15 minutes so I hope to be able to post more frequently soon...


  1. She already has flip-flop earings!!

  2. thank you for the update! much needed! :)