James Taylor may think that time isn't really real, but I beg to differ because I seem to find myself with none (hence the non-updated blog) and it also appears to be absolutely flying by. It is difficult to imagine that Caroline is already 4 months old and that she is doing all sorts of new and seemingly grown-up things. She begins daycare in less than a month three days a week and I have been trying to explain to her that it is going to a very rude awakening for her (and me too), but more on that later...

I thought I was busy before, but as she gets older things keep getting more and more crazy. Our scheduled naptime makes me laugh now because since the move and her fever there has been very little in the shape of a normal naptime. She napped like a champ when she was sick, but since then (and during my subsequent cold) she has taken up a position against all things nap related. This is typical four month old behavior though... she wants to be playing all the time now and sleep will take away from all that fun.

That is not to say that I have zero downtime, but that time is now devoted to household tasks like dinner prep, unpacking boxes, organizing things and an endless to do list. She is more of a catnapper anyways - so those 15-30 minutes are priceless and one of them is spent showering. So I have neglected the blog, I won't make excuses, my lack of updates are actually pretty appropriate given the crazy-town life I seem to be living right now.

Caroline is into everything. You can put a snack wrapper in front of her and she is reaching and grabbing and interested. She found her feet officially because everytime she is on her back she is holding them or her knees, it's very cute. She is interested in every toy, every book, everything around her. including Reese whom she pet with close supervision of course. She uses her own left thumb or any number of fingers to soothe herself and can often soothe herself to sleep at night. Speaking of bedtime... When she was sick we were back to getting up at midnight or two and then four again... ohhhhh it was rough. She is tough to get to sleep again despite my best efforts to keep her awake from 4 pm on. She'll get back to her old self soon we're sure (or at least we hope and pray to GOD!)

Caroline is SO much fun right now and it is hard to even remember what it was like to have a newborn in the house. She looks over at you while you are doing other things and when she gets your attention and you smile at her she breaks into a huge gummy grin and often a giggle or squeal. It is absolutely priceless. That gummy grin may soon be sporting one or two bottom teeth. The buds are there and there is a small pointy little something trying to make its big debut. She is babbling all the time too, at least when she is happy. It is mostly ahhh or variations of ahhh with an occasion goo thrown in for good measure, but I swear she occasionally says hi.

She is doing pretty well with the cereal, though I am not too sure she is actually swallowing a great deal because I end up cleaning most of it off her chin and bib. She does enjoy mealtime though, which is fun. She gets all excited when the bowl and spoon (thanks Erin and Courtney!) make their morning appearance.

Yesterday she spent some time in the Bjorn (her FAV) while Steve did some pruning of these monsterous hedges that we have and though the girls could not help that much, she was so behaved and excited the whole time; kicking her legs and squealing. When we took her inside to get ready for dinner, I took her out of the Bjorn and set her down on the couch nestled safely (or at least I thought so) in the corner of the sofa. I did not walk away or turn my back (thank god) because in the time it took my to unsnap the Bjorn and take it off she leaned FORWARD and toppled onto her side and if I had not have been standing right there she may have landed right on the new carpet. While this was very scary to see it was a good reminder to us NEVER to turn our backs on her ever. She is getting so so close to sitting up and now more than ever we have to be vigilant in making sure she is safe. Sitting up... wow...what a big girl

She has been sitting in the Bjorn while I type this update. That leads me back to some of the opening mumbo jumbo... her rude awakening... Here at home I am at her disposal 24/7 and trust me when I say that she utlizes most of those hours. There are no free rollover hours here in McMomtown, so she knows that you either use em or lose em and use em she does. While she is at times very much able to be on her own for a few minutes of playtime on the activity mat or in the swing, she wants constant attention from one of us almost all the time and I don't blame her or fault her in anyway for that, she is only four months old. I do know that the ratio at her daycare is not quite like at home where she has at least one person always at the ready to hold, play, feed or console her. I am concerned about what those first couple days are going to be like for her and it makes me very nervous. I am working still on building that 10 am nap back into her schedule and trying to get another one in around 1:30. I know she will be ok, they will take great care of her, but she is in for a big surprise...

Speaking of daycare, I got a job.

Job stats....

20 flexible hours (some work from home time)
in the same town in which we live, mere minutes door to door
working with caregivers and families
running a bereavement support group
planning educational opps for caregivers
providing limited counseling services to families one on one

I am psyched!!!!

I can even bring Caroline with me and I might in the beginning until her daycare starts. My new supervisor even went so far as to tell me to start slowly a few hours a day with her in tow to ease us into it. What a DREAM!!!!!

So there is the update. I now have a sleeping baby on my chest in her Bjorn after a little fussing.

We officially started the Fifth Month photos... she wasn't all that excited about photos last week, but we managed to get a few in with her and the bear... Look at all the interest in toys and books!

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  1. Congrats on the job! It is wonderful that your new employer is so family-friendly.