Ahhhh, Baaaa, and now LOTS More

Yesterday when I picked up Miss Caroline from school she was non-stop jibber jabbering and clearly saying more than just ahhhh, or baaaaa, or even gaaaa. She is making little raspberry noises now and enjoying the sound of her own voice oh so much! While I changed out of my work uni, Steve changed her diaper and while she lay on her beloved changing table mat (she LOVES it still) she said MA. Steve could not believe it! OK, she was definitely saying it indiscriminately, but CMON! MA!?!?!?!?! I died and went to heaven!!! Steve reports that the jibber jabbering continued this morning en route to school as well.

She handled the avocado great yesterday, except that about halfway through she looked at Sarah with a sad no more please face. Sarah obliged and all was happy in the world.

Steve noted this morning that we are getting our life back in some ways. Caroline is predictable, easier to soothe, happier, and much easier to get to sleep. Once she is put down to sleep, 99% of the time she stays down. We actually have time together in the evenings to relax, talk about our days, flip mindlessly through magazines, and oh yeah, eat ice cream sundaes - Friendly's Sundae Cups to be exact (they are on sale for 4 for 5.00 at Stop and Shop this week, get ye to the store yesterday!!). Steve gave Strawberry short cakes the big Kabash last night... I am not blaming him for the ice cream, NO WAY! He has just become my ice cream enabler... and man I feel like an ice cream junkie now because everynight at about 8:30 I start thinking about the peanut butter sauce on those sundae cups and it is almost more than I can bear. I have a serious problem, a peanut buttery goodness problem, for which I sincerely HOPE that there is no cure!

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  1. next she'll be saying "auntie C" and "uncle hokie" ... ha! can't wait for the weekend!!!