Can it already be Friday ALREADY????

The holiday week has flown by for the McFamily here at the beach and we have enjoyed every single second of it!

Caroline has had a very exciting week and we have loved showing her our favorite tradition - The Third of July at a very special beach which will remain nameless for the selfish sake of keeping it all to ourselves. =) She seemed to enjoy the bonfires and did not even flinch at the pops of the fireworks.

Caroline had to look festive for the holiday and graciously posed for photos in her special outfit.

July 5th was Caroline's first trip into Boston, her first ride on the T, and her very first Red Sox game. Her Poppa brought the whole fam to the game and she famously made the Jumbo-tron not once BUT TWICE!!! (once between innings and once during the 7th inning stretch take me out to the ballgame sing a long) We didn't quite make it to Sweet Caroline because the weather was challenging and she was pooped. It was so great to be there all together and so special to share her first game with everyone.
The week was successful on many fronts and has definitely assisted in prepping for daycare separation as I have shared her with so many loving admirers. Auntie K made this McMommy feel like a million pesos when she told her that she cannot believe how generous we are with Caroline. The statement in itself that we are generous seems kind of simple, but when you are doing the sharing it makes you feel all the better. Sometimes you just want to grab her and it is so hard to show that kind of restraint. So I suppose what I am trying not very well to say is that I am happy to be generous with her, though there is a part (a big one) of me that appreciates the notation of the generosity. I definitely think that the sharing has helped me prepare for Tuesday when I will have to share her not with people we love, but with strangers that I must entrust her to.
There will be more photos on the Picasa link once we make our way home, but these should tide you over for now we hope =)

Clearly the Third of July is our favorite holiday - but what's yours???
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