Day Care and Work --- Day II

Don't worry - the day counting will cease soon and in no way will resemble the countdown and then the count up when Caroline first graced us with her adorable presence.

So Day II is better than Day I. I just spoke to "school" and Sarah said she is having a better day today than she had yesterday which she thinks is a great sign of her getting adjusted to the noise and the other kids in the classroom. She took a nap, had a bottle, and was currently napping again when we spoke. She now has cuddly soft blankets and a couple furry friends in her pack n play which makes me feel better. Sarah already knows that as long as Caro finds her little left thumb she can soothe herself to sleep. This also makes me feel better.

I should alert Auntie K that Caroline is sporting some "pony" wear today and looks tres chic. =)

I should also squash Auntie C's concerns that the month marker bear is among the missing. Fear not, appropriate bear month photos are on their way. The bear was hiding amongst her other animals, but we found her!!!


Work is going to be great. The people I work with are kind and considerate and concerned for the seniors here in the center and throughout our town. I am by far the youngest of the group, but they are excited to have youthful energy around... Hope I can live up to youthful energy. I was supposed to be working 20 hours, but there is more money in the budget for now and if I want to work more to get acclimated they are open to it. I think I might try to work three full days for a bit, more to occupy my time and not leave me to my missing Caroline devises than anything else. The fiscal year ends for that budget at the end of September and then I would CERTAINLY be put back to 18-20 hours a week. By then I will be more into the swing of things and can reevaluate a work from home or work in office with Caroline half day.

The work is going to be great! I am excited that I will get to run a bereavement support group. I have already begun hunting down evaluation tools for grief measurement to assess where the group is collectively and individually with their grief and coping.

Despite all this - I am pooped! Waking up to feed her at 4 and then waking up again at 6 for another meal and official wake up is exhasuting, not to mention the baby prep (bottles, bibs, blankets, cereal, a snack, some water, and dressed to go all in 45 minutes! luckily I am smart so far about getting the bottle situation situated at night!), and the sad goodbye... This mommy is pooped!!! TGIT - Thank God It's Thursday ALMOST!

OH!!! As I relayed my sob story to my mother yesterday she shared with me that on my first day of kindergarten, coincidentally my first time away from her ever (preschool was just a couple hours a day), I told her that I was "good" and it was "ok to go" almost as soon as I arrived at school. What a heartless 4 year-old!!!! Just goes to show - it really is harder on us --- (you are 100% right Jen and Christina!!)


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