meanwhile in the sick ward...

I am happy to report that Steve appears to be on the road to recovery. The man is NEVER sick and it was so sad to see him so laid up. Don't feel too bad for him though, he did get out of his usual middle of the night Caro duties. =)

Caroline seems to be getting back to herself as well. The sad little hacking cough continues, but her mood is overall much improved and the biggest news is that she slept ALL night the last two nights!! Today she woke us up at 5am!!! Where has this girl been??? We missed her.

In order to get her organized and get the whole family off to work in the morning we actually have to then wake her up at 7. One would think this would be an easy task the way some people act around a sleeping baby, but not our Caroline. It takes a good 5 to 10 minutes to get even an short look and if left to relax a bit while we get up those eyelids droop and droop until she is once again snoring away. We actually seem to be getting into a pretty good morning routine already.

Yesterday at daycare the notes we received at the end of the day read "had kind of a fussy day." It was clear that she had a tough day. She fell asleep on the way home in the car and then when she woke up she would not look at us. Immediately I felt pangs in my heart fearing that she might go on an eye contact/interaction strike until we release her from school. =) She was probably just exhausted, afterall she had been with us for the whole weekend and was once again trying to get used to her very noisy surroundings. The teacher also told me that she didn't sleep that much, but she had two naps; 1.5 hours and 2 hours respectively. She clearly has not worked with Caro before. I actually snickered a bit to myself. Back to eye contact - Despite her lack of interest in her parents, she was perfectly content and actually excited to look at the cat.

Let's discuss the budding relationship between baby and Reese shall we. Caroline LOVES Reese. If Reese is anywhere near her sightline she becomes fixated on the cat and cannot be distracted. We recently began closely supervised and guarded petting and Reese has been really terrific about it. I wonder if Reese has any clue what she is in for. Being that she is GENERALLY a people cat I see her getting dressed up, participating in tea parties, and being chased all over the house by a rough and tumble toddler. I hope they become good friends. I always wanted a cat when I was a little girl, but Brett was allergic and that made it impossible. If that cat ever lashes out at my baby though, love her as I do, that will be the tragic end of the story of Reese.

I am really getting into my work and with the assistance of the now retired old me (did that make sense to anyone but me?) I am working on some really great things for the center. I am really proud of myself for diving in here and for having a good attitude about Caroline being with other people all day. The transition has been going much much better than I thought it would. I think of all the places I have worked, this one appreciates me the most and really values my professional opinion. I wonder if I will feel the same in a few months?


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