Our Sweetie LOVES Sweet Potatoes

It's true - Caroline LOVED the sweet potatoes. It was so fun to watch her taste them for the very first time and look at me like "FOR REAL, I can eat this!?!?" We got it on video and will upload it eventually to share (along with several others we have accumulated in the month). Steve happened to come home during the "first supper" and he got to feed her a bit too. I am so proud of myself for making the sweet potatoes myself too - we made 4, froze the leftover, and currently have an entire month of sweet potatoes waiting to be eaten in the freezer. Yesterday we tried avocado (thanks for voting!) with mixed results. She is still getting over that cold and I may have made them a bit too thick for her, so it is hard to say, but they may have given her gas as she was not all too happy for most of the afternoon. Perhaps it was also that she was cooped up all day in a dark house thanks to the monsoon Noreaster that blew through yesterday. She DID however enjoy the taste of the avocado and was holding the spoon in her mouth to get more.

So overall Caroline's new adventure in eating is going really well. She now SQUEALS in delight when it comes time for the portion of her meal that comes on a spoon... the other part of her meal is getting freakishly familiar as she now smiles at me and wants to watch me while chowing down. Perhaps I encourage this by saying HI everytime she does this? Part of me wants to say, OK, Mommy doesn't have all day, get back to business kiddo, but the other part is so happy that she connects Mommy to her meal that I could spend hours feeding her to get that kind of special interaction with her.

Her peripheral vision is INSANE. If I try to eat, drink, or read while feeding her she is contorting herself into a human pretzel to reach behind and grab whatever it is that I am doing that is taking even a minute percentage of attention from her. Yesterday while browsing the latest US Weekly she started grabbing the magazine and it was literally almost impossible to continue catching up on my weekly Hollywood gab. GASP!

More Food Updates to follow - I think we will work with the two foods we have for a bit since Oh yeah, I have a ton! =) If she really can't do the avocado yet and it is making her too gassy I might try pears or banana...

Yay for Food!!!

This food gig is great, but it adds a new layer of prep to my routine and a new thing to prepare for when we are out of town. So this weekend while we are away in NYC at the Marini nuptials I need to not only pack bottles and milk, but also little frozen food cubes and spoons. Speaking of the wedding, we are so excited and so grateful that Auntie C is helping us out. Caroline can't wait! Caroline in the city!!!

Caroline had a great time at the beach this past weekend and LOVED her great grandfather as evidenced by the photos posted on picasa. For the record I think he liked her too because he was afterall holding her during a Sox game. =) Happy 91st Grandpa!

Back to work - Caroline was sitting in an infant seat when I left her at school this morning and did not even respond when I touched her cheek and said goodbye -- so sad --- Tuesdays are tough...


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