A spectacular affair that necessitates oodles of thanks and appreciation

Caroline in the city!!!

The McFamily along with Auntie C and Uncle Hokie piled into the car Friday afternoon and took off for NYC for the long-awaited Marini affair.

The wedding was spectacular, like out of of a fairy tale, and no one was more deserving of a such special day than Chris and Amanda. The forecast of scattered thunder showers never came true in NYC which makes me think that someone/something was looking out for them. Amanda was as Chris stated "perfect." Chris was smiling ear to ear all day. The newlyweds are clearly smitten with one another and off to enjoy a much needed vaca. Photos are posted in picasa - links to Adrienne and Colleen show off more photos of the big day (and Caro's trip).

Caroline was a perfect angel during the days and divalicious at night. Poor Auntie C spent some serious time getting her to sleep both nights, testing her patience for sure, but at the end of the weekend she still loved her niece... if that ain't love...

We stopped by the Today show on Sunday morning and Caroline was all over the program! Did you see her? Cute pink hat? Adorable smile??


So a big thank you to Auntie C - she was a wonderful baby wrangler and we could not have enjoyed such a spectacular weekend without her assistance. She really came through for us and we won't soon forget how she gave up her whole weekend to sit with Caroline in a hotel room (for the most part) and so lovingly cared for her. Though her father did text OFTEN to check-in, I had the utmost confidence in Auntie C and never worried for even one moment about our babe... I did worry about the poor wrangler and how she was coping with the anti-sleeper...

Shout out to Auntie K too - though she wasn't in attendance she did provide one stellar knock em dead dress that not only fit well, but made this McMomma feel uber-hot =) Auntie even provided accessories!!! One stop shopping =) Fashion crisis averted!!!!

Yesterday Caroline and I spent some time with the other moms in our old group. Kristen hosted again at her and Allie's house. No photos this time =( It was so great to reconnect with the Moms. Since getting back to work I have been feeling a little isolated. Caroline was sick during the last get together, so it had been over a month since we saw everyone. TOO LONG! They are all getting so big!!!

We also briefly attended a pot luck lunch hosted by another group member on Sunday after we arrived home. We only stayed for an hour, but it was a great opportunity for Steve to meet some of the other Dads. Though I have made some connections, we are still in a bit of a social drought. It's tough! Steve announced that he would like to get to know a few of the couples better (of course ones that I don't know so well) so I sent out emails to a couple of the Moms yesterday seeing if they might like to get together for a walk or a playdate. I seriously felt like I was in first grade sending a do you like me check yes or no note.

It read kind of like this:

Dear Awesome Mom I would like to get to know:

It was so nice to see you again this weekend! Insert adoring commentary about bouncing baby here. So and so is simply adorable! I had no idea you lived so close! We could practically fall on each other we live so close. (in fact I have already stalkerishly driven by your street to see just how far away you live and it is approximately 7 minutes walking distance with stroller, 6 with a Bjorn)

I am not able to attend the group right now because of my work schedule. I think I may able to attend again in the fall, but I would hate for that much time to go before seeing your FAMILY again. I am off on Mondays and Fridays now and Caroline and I walk everyday as part of her bedtime routine.

Insert Put the ball in their court statement:
Shoot me an email if you might like to get together for a walk or get the kids together to play sometime. Steve and I are also thinking of checking out the Gazebo Music this Tuesday. If you are thinking of going, maybe we will see you there.

Signed, Desperate for Mom and Dad Companionship

I sent notes similar to this one to two moms and got nice (read promising and equally kindergartenesque check yes or no) emails back. We may be seeing two couples tonight at the Gazebo. (Erin - while I know your disdain for gaze-bos is great, this is a large gaze-bo and we will not be taking photographs.) I have no idea what kind of music they are playing or anything, but the idea of seeing these other parents is so thrilling that you would think Steve and I were dating them... in a way I suppose we kind of are.

If we do see them tonight, we will still be feeling each other out. Are we like-minded parents? Will they induldge in a little adult bev consumption with us? (some of the moms I have met STILL have not had anything to drink, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I want to meet a Mom I can have a glass of wine or a sentence slurring margarita with every now and again) and an important one - Do we have anything in common outside of the kids?

One of the Dads is Australian - Steve likes this - why I can't exactly say. Their son is Finn, so perhaps that has something to do with it?

During dinner last night when we were discussing our potential local parent friends I came to a sad conclusion.

"You know what is going to happen don't you?"
"No what?"
"We are going to put all this effort into making friends and having a social life down here, and as soon as we get comfy again we are going to move back home."


  1. It's okay to hang out in a gazebo... you could even take photos of your cutie. Just no cheezy photos of you and Stevie gazing into each other's eyes, okay?!?