I don't know why my post yesterday did not go through... but tada... here's another one...

I am super busy at work - which is a big plus - so I only have a moment to catch up here...

I dropped Caroline off all by my lonesome this morning as McDaddy is up in MA at his corporate "fun day" where he is golfing, playing softball, and hob nobbing with the powers that be along with his team.

Can we chat for a moment again about single momhood?!?

I showered last night thinking it would surely assist me in leaving on time. When the baby woke us from sound sleep at 2:30 am (hey what the?!?!) the McParents were none to happy knowing that their wake up calls were going to be drastically earlier than usual. Steve in particular assured me sleepily that he doubted he would be able to fall back asleep until his 5 am alarm. He was snoozing no sooner than Caroline began her midnight snack. ANYWAY - I woke up at quarter to 7, put on the television to assist the wake up process, and began to gently wake the baby (who ate again around 6). Once we were both awake, I put my contacts in, pulled my hair back, got dressed and got her downstairs for her cereal by 7:10. After cereal we did a quick snack, put her bottles in the bag, added some diapers to replenish her box, and got her dressed. Imagine my utter amazement when I saw the clock in the car show 8:03 as we took off toward school for our 8AM drop off. I sincerely could not have done this any faster than I did. I am still kind of shocked... So Steve - don't ever think that I don't need your help in the morning - it clearly takes two of us to get her out the door!!! How do single moms do it!??!?!?!

I chatted briefly with Sarah - her morning teacher - before racing back towards work. I arrived here at about 8:40 - ten minutes late, which goes to show that her school is almost around the corner. Very reassuring to see that I could be there in less than 15 minutes if there was an "emergency."

My supersvisor here at work is so looking forward to Monday when she will enjoy Miss Caroline for an hour and a half while I sit in on a support group. I got my contract today and it looks like we are a go to use the extra funds left in the budget towards salary. The plan is for me to do 20 hours a week here in the office (3 days) and then up to an additional 10 from home when Caroline is napping or in the evening for program planning and networking. That's not exactly the slow start I had been expecting, but this is a grant funded position and while the funds are there I might as well capitalize. I hope to ease the burden of a new baby and new mortgage payment and the extra hours will help pay for our trip to Mexico for the Choyfrocca nuptials in February. (YAY!)

I like being the one who brings in the "fun" money! My mother always provided for the fun things, like ballet lessons, vacations, baseball and gymnastics for Brett and later on education related expenses. I had such satisfaction in January to look at the funds we had saved (nearly every penny of my salary from June) and know that because of our efforts rent would be a think of the past. With Caroline I am sure that there will always be something we will be saving for, but how awesome will it feel in February to know that because I am working we can go on a fantastic trip with HER (what a lucky baby!) to witness two wonderful people get hitched!?!?

Working ain't so bad folks, ain't so bad at all... do I miss my little monkey --- more than I can put into words --- I am realizing more and more that I've got a great thing going here and now that it has actually started and is no longer something scary looming in the distance, I am feeling 85% better about it =)


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