That Thursday/Friday feeling

Thursday! My most favorite day of the week! You know that Friday feeling, when the weekend is sooo close you can almost taste it and visions of family sleep-ins, long lingering mornings, and Netflix rentals fill your head? Perhaps yours is more of the sleeping in (ha!), napping, reading a novel, or spending time alone variety? Whatever yours may be, the Friday feeling is simply undeniable. Lucky me, I get my Friday feeling on Thursdays now and even though it is only 11:30 and I still have hours of work left to complete and two more pumping sessions (ugh!) I am already grinning ear to ear in anticipation of Caroline being with us for four days straight.

Leftydom to come?

Caroline sleeps almost exclusively on her side now and this morning when I got up was even on her tummy for a few minutes. It is so funny. When she sleeps with me she cuddles into me on her side and perhaps this position was just so comfy that she has adopted it? Even if you put her to sleep on her back, she ends up on her side, the LEFT side. Another lefty preference? She already turns her head to the left when she sleeps, sucks her left thumb, reaches more with her left hand than her right, could this be another sign of leftydom to come?

Umm, hello school, did you NOT get my note?

I try not to be the neurotic mom, I really do. I try to spend only a few minutes with Caroline and Sarah in the morning during drop off (on Tuesday) letting her know what is new and how the weekend was. I always feel badly taking up so much time, so this week I wrote a note detailing her weekend and thought it would allow me to let go easier on Tuesday and not feel like I was overwhelming Sarah with tid bits from Caroline's weekend and the how to manual of how she is taking her solids. It was a short note really, one page in larger font, not too detailed, just the FAQ info I would have told her in person. Yesterday Steve picked her up and Michelle let him know that they think she might be in a growth spurt and probably could use another bottle during the day. OK no biggie, happy to attempt to oblige. She's right, the baby is growing a lot lately and she probably is hungry. No big deal. THEN he went on to say that Michelle had given her avocado at a seperate time as her bottles when I had CLEARLY written in the note that the veggies should NOT be a meal replacement, but instead be PART of the meal. Michelle says she never saw the note. I had suggested that they try giving her part of the bottle, the veggies, and then the rest or to give her the bottle and then the veggies because she is not keen on veggies alone, we tried it ourselves over the weekend and it did not go as smoothly. The result of that experiment was an unhappy little girl who said hey wait, I was just getting going here, where's the milk? SO - I am just annoyed more than anything that the communication is breaking down and we are finding that on some days there is no one there to ask about the specifics of her day. I know they get there early and work long hard days, but sometimes the sheet with the diapers and naps isn't enough to fill in all the blanks. The staring blankly at you I've only been here since 3 assistant doesn't help much either. We were worried this week that she was spacing out all day because she was overwhelmed and it seemed like we were never really able to ask the right person about it. Luckily we have seen for ourselves that the other kids interact with her and she laughs and smiles with them. Today the same little boy I saw grab Caro's feet did the same thing when Steve put her down. This time she let out a HUGE squeal/laugh. (will she ever laugh normally?) I am going to work on this... Neurotic mom tirade over.

Four Bottles? (pumping info ahead - you've been warned)

I had it all worked our perfectly. I pumped only twice on work days combining those and the morning pumping session to send the babe off to school with three 3.5 oz bottles. Glorious! Perfection! Now that she is growing and now that they are doing the veggie thing, and based on school's recommendation which they DID thankfully communicate, I am trying to create (magically apparently) four bottles.

Yesterday I pumped a bit before bed to get us ahead for today and so I wouldn't have to thaw anything out, but that was only about 2 oz. Boring!!!

Today I am adding a work session and hope that I will be able to boost my supply to meet her ever changing needs. Fenugreek, don't let me down now!

Auntie C and Uncle Hokie are coming to save the day

Caroline has the best aunties. Auntie K saved us with the move and now Auntie C is saving us for the weekend. She and Uncle Hokie are leaving work early on Friday to drive down to CT, then squeeze into the car with the carseat, and sit for another hour all to watch our Caroline while we attend the Marini wedding festivities. The weather looks less than ideal in the city, but she could definitely walk in the Bjorn with an umbrella or something. I would hate for poor Auntie to be holed up in a tiny city hotel room all weekend. We are hoping that we can get to the Today Show in the AM on Saturday or Sunday for her cable tv debut. =) Look for her in the crowd! Set your DVRs!!!

About work...

It's a great gig. I secured a top notch person for our September program and he is going to knock them dead, well hopefully not literally, but you know what I mean. I suddenly became a masterful negotiator and somehow talked them down from 3500.00 to 1500.00. Who knew? Shrewd business woman? I think not. Savvy deal finder? Not really. Desperate service provider in non-profit world with meager budget? You got it! Desperate times call for desperate measures and I am so proud that I got it done.

I have already been meeting with families via phone and in person and am realizing how much I truly missed this work!

So back to that Friday Feeling... I think it is poll worthy... What is it that you most look forward to on Fridays?


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