Avocado = Evil (as least to Caro)

Caroline was sucking my hand yesterday while I checked my email and finished an assignment for work. Even now, almost a whole 24 hours later, my hand is still red where she was chewing and teething.

I did up some bananas, which she really enjoys, and put some off to the side in small strips to freeze for future use in her self feeder. We used some of them yesterday and she LOVED it. I loved it too until she starting frantically shaking the feeder, sending a spray of banana juice everywhere. Lovely. It seemed to do the trick though with the teething and she was quite content.

Caroline adamantly refused her second meal yesterday, which happened to be avocado. Steve and I just looked at each other, perplexed. She used to LOVE avocado. L-O-V-E. So much so that I just made another batch of little frozen avocado cubes. Simply the presentation of the avocado on the baby spoon was enough to send her into hysterics. Surely she is too young for food aversions? That was her last meal before she developed her awful fever and she had not had it since. She seemed disinterested in it early last week when she was still getting over her virus and wanting to get her to eat at whatever cost we switched the evil avocado out for peaches or something a bit less threatening. Yesterday though was not disinterest. It was not "no thank you mother, I would actually prefer something a bit sweet tonight if it isn't too much trouble." It was "get that avocado slop away from my face this instant or I swear the vein in my forehead WILL actually pop, just try me, I DARE YOU." It was not pretty. So we switched it out with peaches again.

I guess we should not be all that concerned. I mean she never complains about the food we give her. Typically she opens her little mouth up as soon as the spoon makes its initial approach. Babies aren't supposed to like everything right? That is why the cereal boxes have little paragraphs with headings like "try try again," right? So I am not going to be all that concerned, though I am sad that she does not like the avocado anymore, mainly because I love them. It does make us a bit leary about introducing other non-sweet things. We have been following the Super Baby Food diet and according to the timeline for food introduction we will be able to offer a whole new range of foods within the next week; asparagus (that ought to go over well), green beans, carrots, celery, peas, and summer squash. Some of those are kind of sweet, so they might stand a chance. Maybe someday she will forget the disdain she has for avocados and give them another try.


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