Brady, witching hour, and the not so comfy bed

Please indulge my tangential thinking this morning...


I must share my celeb fantasy league launch to fourth place from way way down the list secondary to the birth of the Brady Boy! Thank you Bridget and Gisele for the points, please let's keep them coming. 'nough said. I also at the urging of Steve picked up Timbaland yesterday. He assures me this was a good move, though I did have to part with one of the mini K-Feds for him.


Caroline is feeling much better. Her rash is still there, but not quite as red and pronounced. Poor girl. She was up this morning at more of her usual time, 4:30AM, for her first meal of the day. I gathered her into me to snuggle down to sleep, but sleep was elusive. She wanted to play, and by play I mean pull my hair and poke me in the eyeball repeatedly. Nice. After days without that special time between dark and dawn, I have to admit I was a bit giddy to get back to sleep with her next to me, but this was not in her plan for the wee hours. oh no. This morning that special hour was more like the never ending shhing, shimmying, patting, and pleading for sleep hour. She eventually fell back asleep, but only when I took dizzying deep breaths, pressed her head into my shoulder, and patted her tush with vigor. Fast forward to 7:15 when the entire fam was still fast asleep 30 minutes AFTER the first alarm went off, with the Today show already on to "assist" with wake-up. Clearly we were not in the mood. Caroline was so out cold that when I moved to sit up she didn't even stir. She and Steve miraculously got out to school on time, though I was a bit late myself this morning. Motherly sacrifices.


Can we PLEASE discuss our bed?? I love our bed. It is often the singular thing that I look forward to during the many car rides home. Our bed with all its pillow-top goodness is the comfiest and most sleep-inducing place on the planet. Now that we have the house, I have found it even more difficult to push sleep off, what with walls in Weekend Getaway and a luxe bedroom set that makes us feel like REAL honest to goodness grown-ups. My issue is that when we moved into our freshly painted house there was no way no how that the box spring was making it up the stairs. I could not even watch the movers make the one and only attempt for fear of paint scraping and wall wrecking. We ended up sawing it and folding it in half. Since then the most glorious bed has been much less than glorious. It sags in the middle, coincidentally where your hips lay, both vertically and horizontally. So not only does your body sink deeper at the hips, but you constantly feel like you are being sucked into the black hole that is the dead center and least supportive part of the bed. MAN! Somehow this does not bother Steve, though based on my grumblings this morning he is researching a split box spring. I suppose the reason it bothers me so much is because I love our bedroom refuge. I want to love it, but I just can't. I mourn the loss of our comfy cozy can't keep your eyes open bed. A new box spring needs to be prioritized on the to do/buy for house list. We have a new bed coming for the spare room tomorrow and I suppose I am wishing we had included a split boxspring in the delivery. DARN.


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