Moments like these

In case you wondering - Beeritas = AWESOME!

Miss Caroline had her "best day ever" at school yesterday. When I walked in the door and located her in the recently consolidated classroom (after x time they put all the kids into one or two rooms instead of having one left in this room and two in that one, makes sense!) she was sitting in the arms of previously identified stressed out caregiver who shoots daggers out of her eyes. I took a breath and was greeted with a broad sincere smile from said dagger shooter, "Sarah said she had a GREAT day today!" I smiled with both relief and joy and as Caroline's eyes met mine, they perked up so full of life and recognition that it took my breath away. I shouldn't act as if there is a verbal complaint about her every afternoon, because there isn't, but we have never been greeted this way before. I grabbed her bag and off we went, my smiling happy girl and I, down the hall and out the door. Caroline had my keys, her new favorite thing to hold in situations such as this, when Mom has pants on that don't have pockets, OH the humanity. I watched her as we walked through the corridor and headed toward the front door and breathed in all her baby goodness. The sunlight caused her to look up towards the sky and she caught my eyes once more, dropping my keys, squealing, and reaching her hands out to grab my face in her hands. I didn't even care about the keys, they could wait, this moment was way too important. We stood there on the sidewalk staring at one another, me kissing her face all over, her burying her head into my face, my neck, my shoulder. Sucking on shoulder commenced, keys were retrieved, and we were off to the car. I always hold her out in front of me and growl against her belly before putting her into her seat, just to catch a glimpse of that gummy little soon to be tooth-filled grin. All strapped in and ready to go, I handed her the "car bear" and I watched her look at it with such recognition and wonder, before she immediately put its ear into her mouth. This good mood lasted all through the car ride home, all through dinner, through her avocado and rice cereal meal, all through bathtime, and time with the neighbors. It lasted right on through bedtime, through first wake-up call, through morning routine... Beyond her good mood, these days give us the opportunity to take a breath and really take all the Caroline in, to enjoy the wonderful little girl she is becoming, full of life, curiosity, and sweetness. The simple task of picking her up from school can be so breathtakingly beautiful...


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