It's only Thursday, but it feels like Friday or Saturday to us. That is because we are literally leaving the instant we get home this afternoon to drive up to MA for Steve's Golf Weekend. Ok, so the instant is not exactly true. I plan on changing both Caroline and I into warmer clothing (secondary to the non-stop arctic AC of course), packing up Caroline's meals for the weekend, and oh yeah feeding her =) So not exactly the instant, but perty darn close to it.

We finally booked Caroline's Christianing. It is September 16th and her Auntie C and Uncle Brett are officially listed as her godparents on the certificate. We need to attend a pre-baptism class the Tuesday prior, but it shouldn't be too bad. We will need to have the baby with us at the 2 hour long class, but think of the fun we can have scaring the everliving poop out of the soon-to-be I am so organized I am doing this class ahead of time so that I can have my child baptized mere moments after birth parents. HA! Thrilling!!!! In all honestly, I am quite sure that they will all be so taken with our Caro that they will not even mind if she is cranky and whiny or saying AHHHHHH the entire time.

MORE NURSING STUFF FOLLOWS - you've been warned...

Ok, so I need to make more milk. Today I pumped 4 oz twice, which is better than I have been able to do lately and I did it each time in 30 minutes or so, which is not bad. My pump kicked the bucket. It was making this air-filled hissing sound and I was ending up with a bottle of milk that looked like the first pour from a college keg. Seriously - who knew I could create milk froth? So on Tuesday night when I would have much preferred to spend time with Steve and Caroline OR the adorable PUPPIES (EEEEEE!!!) next door we packed it up and went to babies r us to try to salvage the pump. It helped, but by getting new pieces it made it clear who the real culprit was and there was no store to get that piece - babies r us be damned! I will check with my nursing place about ordering one in the future, but ugh! Here I was this morning running all the way up the street to Target to purchase a shiny new one and then racing to work. Upon closer examination the old piece was way in need of replacement and hence I have found it much easier to pump today, which means that I should totally be able to increase my supply to meet her growing needs in the next couple days.

When we were thinking about bottle feeding vs. nursing way way back we were nervous about nursing only because of the cost of pumps. The super fantastical version are over 200 and even 300 buckaroos! So I frugally purchased a good solid manual pump. I totally forgot it once and had to purchase another, which became my spare and eventually completely replaced my first one. Now I have a third model of this same pump. In trying to save money I have instead spent over 100.00 on simple manual versions. I was kicking myself this morning - if we had just bought the Cadillac would nursing be easier and would I be spending money to replace pieces already? I have since decided that I like that I can bring it anywhere, that it makes no noise, that is affordable enough to be replaced INSTANTLY. What's 35 bucks every 3 months??

OK enough on that --- whew - like you really care about pumps...

THE PUPPIES!!!! I wish I had photos - they are hands down the cutest things ever. Our neighbors Tom and Ann are acclimating them to people and the world before they go off to a guide dog training program. (Brendan would call this doggy slavery) One is Fletcher and the other is Edwin and they have that puppy smell and waggy little tails and if Steve isn't already begging for one he will want one for sure now. ADORABLE!!! I literally saw that they were outside and ran immediately for the door with the babe in toe and walked right into their yard to play.

We are planning on stopping into DFCI and Children's on Friday to do a meet and greet with the babe... can't wait! AND we are excited to see some of the girls this weekend at the beach while the boys play.


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