Jipped? or Lucky?

Way out West in Sundry land, Linda was recently talking about how she felt about not having that "it's time" moment before her son's arrival. Though her situation was completely different than mine, and I thank GOD for that all the time because after reading her blog entry about the birth I nearly lost it when I arrived at the hospital with high blood pressure and heard the word magnesium. I instantly looked at Steve and told him in what was surely a profanity ridden statment that there was no way I was ok with magnesium and no discussion of how much better I would feel would convince me. I didn't care what they promised, there NO WAY was I ok with this magnesium idea. Steve of course asked me where I had even heard of magnesium and you can just imagine his reaction when I informed him I learned all about the horrors of Magnesium from that woman's blog I had read "cover to cover." There was some eye rolling on his part, but we never did have to deal with the magnesium. Thank GOD! Anyway, I digress. For whatever reason I was able to avoid the magnesium, though I don't know how because my bp was high until they sent me home and must have stayed elevated for days thereafter because I realize looking back on the whole thing how completely out of it I was for the first week or so.

I also feel slightly jipped that I never had that "honey, it's time" moment with Steve where we called the doctor and timed contractions and practiced all the relaxation things we had learned in our class. I had always imagined it would be so much different than us going in to get on the fetal monitor and being induced. I had horrible visions of my water breaking while driving home from work or worse yet at my desk. None of this ever happened and while I am quite thankful in many ways that it didn't, I still feel kind of jipped. Since I didn't need a C-section, and therefore am not faced with the popular VBAC dilemma, perhaps down the road there will be an opportunity for that moment, who knows? Just typing that sends shivers up my spine and brings back all the things I had been so worried about with Caroline's birth, which began at home with us trying to determine when to call the dr, when to drive to the hospital, what to do when we got there, and the many prayers of please god have mercy on us and allow this birth to not coincide with rush hour traffic on 95N. Maybe we had it pretty good after all?

In other news, Caroline is feeling much better and her rash is almost 100% gone. I wish I could say the same for Steve, who frantically showed me his inner arms yesterday afternoon covered in a very familiar looking red spotting. He had the fever and now he has the spots, so at least we know he is on the mend. Poor Steve can't seem to catch a break with all her little illnesses.


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