on the mend...

Caroline is at school today, though I did drop off today just in case one of us needs to go and get her. Sarah reminded me that I can call to check in on her, but I am trying very hard not to because if I hear she is having a tough day, I know will want to just run and get her.

She has been fever free for almost 48 hours now! One would think that by now she would be desensitized to armpit temp checks, but oh no, heaven forbid you attempt to hold her arm against her body for even the measly 30 necessary seconds. I seriously was checking her constantly throughout the weekend, but each time we raise her little arm to slide the thermometer against her skin we are met with screams and one angry little still covered in red spots little girl.

disclaimer: While I am in total acceptance of school's policies regarding illness (I don't want other parents dumping their sick kids at school either) and I understand that whether or not she is there we must pay the fee for any scheduled day (holidays, vacation, sick days included) this policy now annoys me for the following reason.

Caroline catches a virus presumably at school (where else would she pick this up right?), is sick all weekend, has to be "fever free for 24 hours" before she can go to school, needs to take her first sick day, and we still pay the full amount for the week... The entire reason she missed school, thus creating utter chaos in our house, is because she got sick at your school and I have to pay you for the privilege?


There will be many more viruses, colds, ailments. I know this and accept it. I know that her immune system is going to rock the house when she hits kindergarten. I know that this is how things are and it is easier if we just accept that, but really, I have to pay for the immunity??? If that is the case, can I please just pay you now in advance and not have to watch her suffer through this? It is just too sad to watch.

I have photos of her splotchy red little smiling face from last night. Splotchy or not, we were just happy to see a smile.

In other happier news - Nectarines are yummy - avocados are not a big hit as of late - coming soon - BANANAS- which are currently becoming nice and ripe and mushy. We tried some avocado on her high chair tray as a finger food over the weekend (when she seemed to be feeling better), but she was not all that interested. I hope to try oatmeal again too, but I am scared after what happened last time.

We are rearranging our weekend to get up to MA for Rob's services. My entire senior year apartment has been in touch via email and phone and we are all planning on attending. It has taken on kind of "Big Chill" feeling. I have only been in touch with each of them in spotty ways since graduation. Courtney and Sean graciously accepted our desperate request to enterain the little miss while we are at the funeral mass. This is even more gracious given that it is their anniversary weekend... we definitely owe them one...

No call from school yet and it is after 2pm... here's hoping...


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