Rough Waters...

Caroline woke up on Saturday morning after a rather LONG night's sleep (slept in until after 7:30) and felt a bit warm. A quick temp check revealed that she was spiking a temp. We jumped into crisis mode administering Baby Tylenol and tepid bath stat. It was so so sad. She was whimpering and would scream if moved and our poor baby girl was not feeling well at all. Caroline maintained her appetite though and was willing to drink some water, which was a relief to everyone. We were actually able to get out for a little bit, which we were thankful for because it was such an amazing mild day. She seemed to do better while we were out, but her temp kept going up and down from 99 to 101, back to 100, up to 102. We got through it, she slept through the night, but after her morning wake up at 6 she slept in again until after NINE o'clock. Her fever broke early this afternoon when we checked the Baby Tylenol dose and realized we were not giving her enough. To Steve's credit he suggested this earlier, whoops. We had our little girl back by the Little League World Series and she took a nice little nap with us. Poor little Caroline is on the mend. It is tough that it happened on the weekend, but we were so thankful that we weren't trying to figure it out during the week and that we could help each other get through it. No sign of a tooth yet.


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