And she can do this, and this, and you should see her when she...

So as you read yesterday, Caroline is six months old, half a year!!! According to my NestBaby sign in screen there are only "181 days until my child's birthday."

HOW can this be?!?!?!

I haven't updated all the things Caroline can do now in awhile and given that we just reached her big six month mark it seems pretty timely...

Caroline can:
... sit up unassisted for either a nanosecond or a few minutes depending on the attractiveness of the toy in her hands or if there is a camera wielding parent singing her name
... stick out her tongue when in "I am seriously concentrating here" mode
... suck her bottom lip in
... say GEEEE with a raspberry
... see that if an object is picked up and passed behind her it is likely to end up on the other side
... let you know when she isn't happy that you took her toy away
... roll from her tummy to her back and her back to her tummy which often happens when we leave the room for a split second
... become impossible to wrangle during diaper changes - she is all over the place grabbing at anything she can find to pass what she must see as a slow tedious process
... toss objects from her highchair which results in the super exciting game of parent fetch all through dinner
... smile and laugh on cue
... put her feet in her mouth
... suck food off a spoon with vigor - sweet potatoes (yum!), avocado (ehh), Bartlett pears (not so good), peaches (double yum!), and Bosc pears (jury is still out)
... eat two meals with solid food each day (we alternate between veggies and cereals)
... sip from her training cup (though she really likes it more as a teether) she drank 2 oz yesterday
... take a blanket off her head to play peek a boo
... NAP - oh she is such a good napper!!!
... drink upwards of 4 oz of milk in a sitting
... rub her eyes to say "I'm tired"
... face plant into the blanket and stick her little delicious bum up
... wiggle her way to a toy just out of reach
... use her left thumb to self soothe
... sleep on her side or even her belly (though it isn't her fav)

wow... and I am quite certain I am leaving things out...

Caroline got a great report at the pediatrician yesterday. In addition to all the weight and height stuff the doc was impressed with her strength and warned that before she sees us again at 9 months we are likely to have a crawling baby... EEEEEKKKK!!! She advised me to put away all the knick knacks and get to baby proofing ASAP. Sadly this includes the removal of her mobile and a strong recommendation to lower the crib down to the lowest level because after sitting up, comes getting to sitting on her own, then sitting to standing at which point she could CLIMB out of her crib and fall to the hard floor...What a scary scary thought. I am sure much research will be done about gates also in the very near future. Here is when having her room in the middle of the stairway becomes a scary proposition.

The pediatrician was impressed with her transition to solids as well and encouraged us to take a CPR course if we are fearful about moving her forward to finger foods soon. I took a course in college, but a refresher might make me a bit more confident. She also reminded me that gagging is part of the learning process and that we should be prepared to have to help her recover a few times along the way... joy... Between 7-8 months we can introduce some meats, yogurt and cheeses, and even teething bisquits and zwiebeck (?) bread. Suddenly it's like holy cow, our baby is becoming a kid. Just like that...

Steve is going with the boys to the Cape this weekend for golf, though the weather doesn't seem to be cooperating with this plan. As long as they are together they are sure to have fun. Caroline and I will also be at the beach maybe with the girls that match up to some of the boys, which would be fun. Maybe Carly and William will come and we can scare the bejesus out of mom-to-be Amy =)

As a side note - It seems that the most recent poll about formula is the most popular to date. I am not sure why that is, but I am glad that people took the time to consider this issue and vote. THANKS!

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  1. Awe! She is looking so cute! Can't wait to see her this weekend :)