Whenever I put Caroline down for a rest I employ a vigorous walking, singing, bouncing dance that as she gets bigger is becoming a bit more challenging. Lucky for me my arm strength has improved and the little Miss is also falling asleep faster and without a fight... most times. I sing special songs to her and gently pat her tiny tush. Yesterday there were "I'm so tired Mommy" screams I swear I have never heard before. They reached new heights, both in strength and pitch, but I sang her special Caroline song to her, which always calms her down, this time improvising a bit about her day so far:

Caroline, Caroline, Caroline I love you
And I love you, I love you, I love you
Caroline I love you

Woke us up around midnight
Hey what the, turn out the light

But we love you, we love you, we love you
Caroline we love you

Woke up again around 4:30,
You must have been mighty thirsty

But we love you, we love you, we love you
Caroline we love you

Opened your eyes around quarter to eight
Such a smile upon your face

oh how we love you, we love you, we love you
Caroline we love you

I love singing her this silly made up song. I love watching her eyes slowly close. I love the way she holds onto my fingers with her hands, only releasing her grip when she is completely conked out. I love the little breathing thing she does right before she gives into the overwhelming sleepiness. I love to gaze at her in this peaceful state; her perfect little pout, those chubby chipmunk cheeks, those long lashes. The hardest part of putting her down has nothing to do with waking her up, but instead with letting her go. We place her softly on her left side, shhhing, and patting a few more moments. For naps she gets all cozy in a soft fleece blanket, which provides just enough weight to keep her asleep for a more solid nap. Then we tiptoe away, but we wish we could just stay there by her side and watch her breathing and dreaming those sweet little baby dreams.

We have had a strange couple nights. On Friday she was up at 11:30 and then on and off all night. Saturday she slept right on through. Monday was Friday all over again, up several times during the night. Growing? Teething? Probably both. This morning I opened my eyes at 6 am to not whimpering, but banging. Caroline was just lying in bed wide awake amusing herself by pounding her legs repeatedly into her mattress. Over. and Over. and Over. For about 15 mintues. I listened, watched, and smiled both because she is so dang cute and also becasue she slept through so well.

Her poor father eventually got up to get her. The misery continues for Steve while he tries to fight through the insipid virus that overtook our house last weekend. Just when he thinks he might be all done, it rears its ugly head again. Hopefully this is the tail end of it and he will be feeling much better soon. We are crossing our fingers that it is gone before this weekend and the BC Home Opener on Saturday!


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