Caroline has taught me...

... that the best part of anything at all is the tag

... to sing (even if she will eventually ask me to please stop because I am so bad)

... that 6AM is sleeping in

... to save necklaces for special occasions or when lots of willing baby holders are around

... that a thumb and part of your palm taste exceptionally good

... to enjoy a long hot shower when the opportunity presents itself

... that sleepers should only be made with zippers

... to smile more

... that her Daddy, while he loves sports and manly things, loves having a little girl even more

... to eat healthier

... that the most comfortable way to sit is with her right leg bent and your left leg straight

... to make up silly songs and ditties the way my father did for me ("faster than a crawling baby, able to drink bottles in a single gulp, she's SUPER BABY!")

... that the passage of time cannot be slowed, but the moments can be saved forever

... to enjoy the taste of feet

... that no matter how sucktacular she has been at any point of the day, the moment she falls asleep and is in a state of pure bliss, I forget all about the antics, the clinginess, and wish I could hold her for hours and hours and hours

... to see her father through fresh eyes that often pool up in tears of admiration

... that I am stronger than I ever thought possible

... to cherish our families and the time we spend with them

... that saying Yay and clapping my hands over and over never ever gets old

... to savor her inability to ambulate

... that Zwiebeck toast and Arrowroot cookies are a messy proposition

... to pause and reflect each day

... that the sound meh is magical indeed

... to multi-task

... that while time here is limited, my love for her and her father are boundless


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