Christened she be

It was a beautiful day for a christening.

Caroline fell asleep about 2 minutes into the ceremony, out cold with her arm across her face. She slept through all the anointing and even the actual baptismal fountain. While we circled up to renew our own baptisms she began to snore, and not just a cute little snore, oh no, it was more like a stuffy truck driver snore - no offense big rig drivers. It made the moment a bit lighter as we all fought back laughter, eventually giving in to a collective chuckle.

She looked like the picture of perfection in her borrowed baptismal gown, worn by three generations of Steve's family. What a special honor to wear such a cherished family heirloom! Thanks to Joanie for entrusting it to us for the afternoon!

Back at the homestead there was quite a crowd to celebrate the occasion. Saying we were overwhelmed by people's generosity, especially of their time spent driving so far for our little girl's blessed day is a huge understatement. Kiki and Nana got right to business in the kitchen getting appetizers and snacks set up, what would I have done without them? Thanks to them the crowd enjoyed some great salads and snacks and I had a pretty tidy house at the end of the day.

Caroline might not be able to recall this day in the years to come, but she is sure to hear about how we chose her godparents, how her parent's godparents were both there to see her baptism, how so many people drove so far to celebrate, how she wore a very special garment, how she slept through the whole thing, how she napped on all her grandparents, how her auntie made a surprise guest appearance, and how her parents, so overwhelmed by it all, kissed her goodnight, called her their most blessed gift, before collapsing in a heap to watch the Sox, Pats, and Emmys.


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