Clap on... Clap off...

Weekend in review...

Friday night - 102 fever and projectile vomit at 12:45 am, parents and baby awake until 4am
Saturday - Mom wakes up with Caroline's cough, baby's fever vanished, BC beats Army- another hot game at Alumni, Caroline makes friends with Brian and Linda
Saturday night - baby sleeps on way home from The Heights, eats dinner, has a snack, reads books and decides she isn't ready for bed, until after 11
Sunday - Hacking cough, fever returns, Mom's cough continues, Maggiano's for lunch - YUM!, Wicked at the Opera House - excellent!, Caroline sleeps the whole way home, plays on her piano after a late dinner, and then falls asleep after a little bedtime snack (crossing fingers for a good night's sleep)

Special thanks go out to Kiki and Papa for watching sick baby Caroline while her parents enjoyed Wicked with Auntie k, Auntie C, and Uncle Hokie! For a sick girl she was playful and entertaining. What a treat!

Another first to report!

I looked over at Caroline during the BC game sitting on Auntie k's lap and she was CLAPPING her hands. I have been working on the clapping thing for awhile now and I thought she might be starting to get it because she has been flapping her arms wildly when I clap. I thought it was still a ways off.

Maybe it was all the hand clapping around her? Maybe the little connections just coincidentally happened at that very moment? Anyone who witnessed a large group of people foolishly clapping their hands and saying yay at the BC game over the weekend, it was all for this little girl's first claps ever. She kept doing it and now won't stop doing it. She claps during meals, while playing, and when people say yay. If no one is looking will a baby still clap? I assure you that yes, yes she will. She had her back to me tonight and she was just clapping away all by her lonesome.

Don't believe us? The video proof is here for all to see.


Piano playing and clapping

It all started with the toys in the bath

And for fun, Mommy making a fool of herself to hear some of those sweet baby laughs


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