In a word


The speaker called at 4:15 to say he was in Providence (a long long way away) when he was due to arrive at our door between 4 and 4:30. Saying we had to stall is the understatment of the year. We dragged out our informational section, then flip flopped dinner to occur before his performace, then were forced to bring out dessert and coffee knowing that we could potentially lose part of scared of the dark crowd once they had eaten cookies and stolen all the sweet and low at their tables. He finally pulled into the parking lot just before 6pm and went on AFTER he changed his clothes.


As if this was not enough, I then got a phone call at 11pm from the hotel stating that he never showed. Subsequent calls came in at 11:30 and nearly midnight, when they finally cancelled his reservation; the one he specifically requested at the very last minute, the one that I was forced to plunk down my own card for because apparently no one has ever requested a room before and people just stared at me blankly as my 4:30 deadline kept rolling closer and closer. Yeah. It was not pretty. The silver lining friends is that in my frenzy to book the room at precisely 4:28 pm, the number I gave them was incorrect, thank the memory gods on this one, and they were not able to charge the card. I don't even want to think about the headache I would have this morning if they had... or better said, Steve's headache.


In the midst of the insanity that was yesterday I was unable to pump as much as I usually would. My mind was other places and it just wasn't happening. Steve did a great job with Caroline and when I got home she literally fell asleep two seconds into her meal at 7:30. Nice to see you too. I missed her terribly.

What have I learned from this experience? Ask me Monday when I am thinking more clearly.

Right now I am off to a Local Health Fair. How did I learn I was expected to attend said fair? The director asked me this morning when I was planning on going. My answer. A blank stare. It's just been that kind of week. I am picking the baby up early today. I am much in need of some giggles and smiles.


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