The very special out of the way beach

It was a busy holiday weekend for the McFamily as we headed north to the beach on Friday afternoon. We were fortunate to get a head start on the traffic by leaving early in the afternoon and Caroline slept all the way until the Natick rest area.


The whole fam was up and at 'em early Saturday morning to prepare for the BC home opener against Wake Forest. Caroline was a bit overwhelmed at first, but who wouldn't be!?! After a snack and some butternut squash she seemed to calm down a bit. Kiki and Poppa saved the day with the jogging stroller which allowed us to give her a place to just be and also assisted us in navigating the crowds to visit Grandpa and the Class of 2000 crew. We crossed our fingers before heading in that we wouldn't need her ticket and that she would get through the game ok. The ticket remained safely tucked away in Steve's pocket, phew, and no mention of my tote bag either, double phew.

I didn't have high expectations, I knew that it was a very good possibility that I would be spend the game walking and shhing and checking out the trophy case in Conte, but she was a super star!! After we arrived in our seats (in our new section P with Peter, Linda, and Jeff) she conked out for the entire first quarter and half of the second. I took her down into the tunnel to get out of the sun and to beat her to the punch with her lunch. Not a peep! We tucked ourselves up into the corner of Conte and after her lunch we met up with Steve to visit Kiki, Poppa, and Auntie K during halftime. The game was getting to be really long, but our Caro pulled through the ENTIRE game, only getting a bit talkative at the very end. People around us didn't seem to mind the Ahhhhhhhhing. She slept the entire way back to the beach and then only woke up briefly for her last meal before heading off to dreamland again. SUPER STAR!!! Oh and BC won!

Another Summer...

We relished our "last day of summer" on the beach Sunday and Caroline took one of her trademark beach stroller naps under the sunshade. There is always a bit of sadness at the end of another summer season, but as I sat there on that beautiful beach I couldn't help but think not of how sad I was that summer is coming to an end, but how happy I was that we had created so many memories for our little family this summer at the beach, despite the distance.

Steve and I want Caroline to value family the same way we do and we made special efforts this summer to plan visits with both sets of grandparents, with great grandparents, and made trips to the beach and to Western MA to ensure that from the very beginning of her life she knows how important and special time with family really is.

And the beach... we love the beach. Steve loves the away-from-it-all feeling he gets by being there, not necessarily sitting in the sand or in the sun of course. I love the smell in the air, the mist of the ocean, and the sense of peace that only sitting on the beach can bring. Caroline has been visiting the beach for quite some time now and we hope that we have already started to pass along our love of the beach to her, and not just any old beach either, but this very special out of the way beach. All summer we have spent beach walks watching children playing in the sand and surf and wondering how old is that one? Will Caroline be doing that next summer? This summer was for introductions, next summer she is going to ROCK the beach, I just know it. It just seems to keep getting better and better all the time.

Seven Months Old

I can hardly believe it, but Caroline is Seven Months Old today. I flipped her First Year Calendar to her Eighth month last night when we got home from the long weekend. I will have to start a new photo album and pose her with the bear tonight!

So what new things is she doing?

... Sitting up on her own without support for LONG periods of time, barely toppling at all these days and usually only when she decides she wants to lay down =)
... Moving from sitting to belly
... Squirming to reach toys out of reach
... Using a blanket to pull out of reach toys towards her or pulling the blanket to reveal her new favorite thing to touch - CARPETING!
... TALKING - she is super vocal and makes raspberries all the time
... Cuddling - this is my favorite - screw all the milestone stuff - there is nothing like having her lay her head on your shoulder or sit on your lap resting against your chest
... Bringing two toys together in a clapping motion - if they make noise even better
... Splashing during bath time and protesting every single time we take her out of the tub - she loves it now - remember in the beginning?

And a note about today... just because...

Caroline woke up this morning at 6:15 and was such a good girl that I was able to shower. I usually shower the night before on days I am going to take her to school, but lately we have been trying it out and so far so good. I didn't exactly eat a full breakfast, but a SHOWER...

She fell asleep holding the car bear in the car. When I brought her in and dropped off the check in the office I caught the eye of "evil child care provider" who quickly looked away. Perhaps just my presence during her comment and my shocked head shake was enough after all? She completely avoided my on my walk up to T-5. You know when you look up and realize that someone has been watching you? On my way out I looked up to and there she was quickly looking away, moving from the wall as I passed by. Who knew the power of the head shake??

I put Caroline on the rug in her classroom seated across from a little boy I had never seen before who was just a bit older than she is. Michelle told me he is a "neighbor" from T-6. Caroline squealed and broke out into a huge smile seeing him and he did the same thing. So I left her quite content on the rug with a friend this morning, sitting up all strong, and smiling with her left thumb headed toward her mouth.


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